Hawaiians have been enjoying board sports for thousands of years. Longboard skateboards were invented by surfers who would use them to cross-train on land when the waves weren’t right. “Sidewalk surfing” eventually caught on with non-surfers, and the longboard craze was born. Today you’ll find riders and longboard shops all over the world.

The longboard skateboard is built to mimic the feel of surfing or snowboarding. Because of its length, it’s not as good for tricks as a regular skateboard. But longboards are able to recreate surfing turns and carves on land, allowing the rider to enjoy the feeling of the surf, while rolling over asphalt.

The skateboard paddle is a newer invention. It is a paddle or stick that allows the rider to use their upper body to push them forward, while keeping their feet planted on the board. Many longboard riders also use sticks to get around. This is similar to the action of a stand-up paddle (SUP), another popular board sport, where the rider stands on a surfboard and paddles it on the water. Many SUP riders cross-train on longboard skateboards.

Riders can use a stick with their longboards to gain more control and brake easier, making their ride safer. It also gives the rider a good upper body and core workout. Riders looking to make their ride smoother and more enjoyable have the option of two types of stick: the classic big stick and the adjustable big stick.

The classic big stick is a rigid stick that comes in three different lengths, and it is chosen based on the rider’s height. It is constructed with a plastic end, or blade, that is designed to help grip the pavement and provide both traction and maneuverability. This blade is easily replaceable, if it becomes worn through use. Simply remove the two bolts holding it to the board and slip on a new one.  The classic big stick is made out of wood that is wrapped with fiberglass for durability. There are also bamboo and carbon fiber models available.

The adjustable stick allows the rider to change its length. To adjust it, simply push in a pin, move it to the desired length, and release. The adjustable stick also has a removable blade and it is made of aluminum.

The adjustable stick has many additional benefits. It fits everyone from a height of 4 feet 5 inches, to 6 feet 4 inches. It can quickly be made shorter when going up hills, and easily extends again on the fly for riding on flat surfaces. It is great for children, and can be extended as they grow, eliminating the need to replace it every few years. The adjustable size also makes it easy to fit in smaller spaces and vehicles. When fully collapsed, it’s even small enough to carry on board an airplane, allowing riders to travel with it wherever they want to go.

Both the classic big stick and adjustable stick make longboards a great workout and allow riders to extend their rides and enjoy the freedom of the waves, even when the surf isn’t up. The stick is an accessory that any longboard rider will be happy to have.