For most people, outdoor garden solar lights are can only be found on highway construction sites, street solar lights, or in private road entrances. Well, the truth is that there are many types of solar lights for the outdoors. In fact, the choices of outdoor solar power lights are countless and I am sure that you will really agree that there is no need to consider the use of traditional electrical light to meet your outdoor lighting needs.

Consider the money required to hire someone to come out and dig up your yard. In addition, there is the cost of the electrician to install all the necessary wires to hook up traditional lighting to your existing system. The financial investment is quite large compared to the cost that outdoor solar lights need.

Let us take a look on the different types of solar power lawn lights to develop some ideas on how to use solar powered lights properly and effectively.

floating solar lights

Floating solar lights

Floating solar lights are usually used in the pool as night time decorations. They can also be used in ponds, fountains or any other water environments that you might like to improve. However, floating solar lights do not necessarily need to be used only in the water. You can actually place them anywhere in the garden since they come with ground stakes. The advantages of floating solar lights are: they are easy to use, versatile and affordable at the same time.

Solar Stesolar step lights (23836)p lights

Solar step lights are made for safety and decoration purposes. They are often added to your stairs, decks, and pathways. Compared to other solar lights, step lights are not as bright or invasive. The illumination that these lights produce is enough to see your way even in the darkest nights.

outdoor solar lights

Solar accent lights

As the name implies, solar accent lights are meant to add accents to your landscaping by making different lighting effects. You can move the accent lights around your garden or put them on different trees, plants, and other structures each night, week or any time period that you choose. Since accent solar lights are kind of dim compared to other outdoor house lighting, they can stay on for a much longer time.


solar spotlight

Solar Spotlights

The solar spotlight is the brightest of the outdoor solar yard lights. These solar lights are deliberately used to direct a beam of light toward a specific area of your home’s landscape or architecture. Most people prefer to have them hidden out of sight as the light this fixture produces is projected away from the person toward another object.

There are lots of outdoor solar garden lights available on the market. At first you may find it difficult to decide what is truly the best for you. However, just stay focused on what is the most important in your selection and what makes you feel more comfortable when it comes with the design and style of the lights.