What are Early Signs of Pregnancy you Should Look For?

How early can signs of pregnancy be experienced?

Early signs of pregnancy can vary from one woman to the next as can how early the symptoms start to be seen or felt. No symptoms should be expected or anticipated any earlier than 2 weeks after conception. However, a blood test preformed by your doctor can confirm pregnancy within days of conceiving. If using a home pregnancy test, these at home tests can vary but can give results as early as 6 days after conception and more typically after the first day of your missed period.

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Physical Symptoms associated with early signs of pregnancy:

Mild Abdominal Pain or Cramping may be experienced as an early sign of pregnancy. These pains/cramps are often overlooked by women who assume they are just nearing the start of their menstrual cycle.

Light Spotting to No Period is often the first easily identifiable sign to women that they are indeed pregnant. Though this can be caused by a number of other medical, physical and even emotional factors it is usually the primary sign to a woman that she is with child. Keep in mind though that many of the symptoms shows here may be experienced and be indicative of early signs of pregnancy before missed period(s).

Dizziness or dizzy spells can also occur early on in pregnancy. These spells can be brief and occur sporadically or for some be more frequent and sometimes more extreme (fainting).

Fatigue and sleepiness can be other early signs of pregnancy. A woman may feel simply bone tired or exhausted even though they have not participated in activities to cause these symptoms.

Nausea can be another early sign of pregnancy and may be accompanied by vomiting, though not always. Some may say that morning sickness doesn't occur until further into the first trimester of pregnancy but that is not true. Morning sickness and sensitivity to smell can occur as early as 21 days after conception.

Breast Tenderness with or without activity can be early signs of pregnancy that a woman may experience. The level of tenderness may vary from a dull ache to extreme muscle soreness experienced around the breast areas.


Emotional Symptoms associated with early signs of pregnancy:

Early on for some women, even before the thought that they might be pregnant has crossed their minds, mood swings and abnormal or intensified emotions may be experienced. These feelings or moods are quite common among the earliest signs of pregnancy.

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What to Do if you believe you are experiencing early signs of pregnancy:

If you feel that you are dealing with early signs of pregnancy you have a couple of easy and basic options. Your first option (though there is no order to these) is to go out and purchase a pregnancy test. These tests can help you to confirm whether or not the symptoms that you are experiencing are signs of being pregnant or may have other causes. However, keep in mind that most over the counter urine tests are not 100% accurate and may give false positives and false negatives.

Your second option is to set up an appointment with your doctor to have a blood test administered to test your HCG levels and find out with more certainty if you are pregnant. Even if you take a home pregnancy test it is wise to verify the  results of your home test and possible early signs of pregnancy with your doctor.


**This article is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or advise on any medical conditions. For medical advice see your doctor.