Fasting is one of the most popular self-cleansing techniques which have been used widely to help remedy many medical conditions. Since time immemorial, fasting has been used to remedy ailments and help emancipate practitioners of this self-denial technique to improve their physical wellness.  Thus, it is evident that there are quite a number of health benefits of fasting which accrue to the person who practices the technique of self-denial

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In fact, research on the use of fasting shows that short to medium fasts can be effective in reducing a number of coronary and heart diseases. Although some of the findings are yet to be confirmed, most of the findings have linked fasting to improved wellness and better health. Research also shows that regular fasting does not interfere or slow down normal body metabolism. This means that fasting does not alter the functioning and balance of chemicals in the body.

Blood Sugar Regulation

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One of the key health benefits of fasting is that it improves the sensitivity of cells to insulin levels which makes them more effect in regulating blood sugar level.  Changes in blood sugar level are responsible for diabetes which is very hard to treat and equally demanding to manage. However, individuals who fast give the pancreas the opportunity to function optimally to produce insulin and it also reduces the risk of developing diabetes and heart related diseases.

Individuals who embrace fasting as a wellness strategy will also be less prone to poisoning by toxins or waste build up in the body. The reason is that fasting can remove some of the potentially dangerous mineral elements such as oxalate salts, heavy metals such as mercury and lead and chemical compounds. If you have been exposed to herbicides or pesticides for a considerable of time, then you can embrace fasting as a remedial technique to eliminate the chemical compounds that have accumulated

Reduce Stress with Fasting

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If you have experienced cellular inflammation, then you may be glad also know that fasting can help reduce the stress caused by oxidation. This is believed to slow down destruction of DNA which could lead to development of cancer. Another intriguing research also links fasting to a slow-down in aging. Although the findings are not substantive, there is every reason to believe that intermittent fasts can be used as an effective strategy against aging. This may help you to live a longer productive and fulfilling life.

Some of the more remarkable health benefits of fasting accrue to individuals who adopt this technique to manage abnormal weight or obesity. Fasting can be used to speed up weight loss. Fasting can be used as one of the effective strategies for losing weight.  Individuals who skip meals at least once a day create a deficit of calories in the body which will lead to break up of stored fats to meet the body’s demand for energy. This deficit cannot be covered even if one eats huge portions when experiencing hunger pangs of fasting.


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Studies conducted on individuals who hold religious fasts show that this practice actually reduces fat and lowers lipid levels considerably in the body. Month long fasts have been proven lower cholesterol level, lower blood pressure, and alleviate and minimize the possibility of developing high blood pressure. This wellness occasioned by regular fasts also has positive mental and psychological effect on individuals who fast which ultimately gives them peace and satisfaction.