Brand isn't always important when you're shopping. But when you're spending a ton of money on a new mobile phone, then you really might want to think about the brand name that you're buying. Budget smart phones, in particular, tend to have shoddy build quality. They feel plasticy and not really solid. Plus, display quality and screen size aren't great either. There are plenty of big brand names on the mobile market to choose from, with a wide range of prices, so there's no reason not to buy brand mobiles. Today we're looking at the biggest mobile brands, and what they have to offer. So if you're not sure where to start looking for your new mobile phone, then read on and see which brand is best for you.

Samsung: The Major Player

Samsung just keep going from strength to strength. The Samsung Galaxy S III was widely considered to be the best phone on the market for 2012, and the newly released Samsung Galaxy S 4 is expected to do the same in 2013. For high end phones, Samsung are top notch. Their phones have plenty of features, and are famous for their incredible screens, usually the Samsung signature Super AMOLED displays. If you're looking for the best of the best then the Samsung Galaxy series is really the way to go. However, Samsung aren't great at the bottom end of the market, they don't have many decent low end phones, pouring most of their money into making high end feature phones.

Apple: The Best Seller

Apple's iPhones are the best-selling range of mobile devices that the world has ever seen. They're fast, sleek and beautiful to look at. Probably the major selling point of the iPhone, other than the coolness factor, is that it's just so easy to use.  iPhones are incredibly intuitive, and make excellent first time smart phones. They are pretty expensive though, and you'll have to be willing to shell out a fair amount of cash for an iPhone. The top of the range right now is the iPhone 5, which has a faster processor and bigger screen than any other model. But the older iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 models are still available, often with good discounts with mobile service operators.

Motorola: Still There

For a while back there, Motorola were the biggest company on the mobile market, and their flip phones revolutionised the mobile device world. They haven't moved on much since then, unfortunately, and you're going to find your choice of devices pretty disappointing. There is one exception though, the Motorola Razr i is a huge seller in the middle of the market, being packed with tons of features (including a massive 2 GHz processor) and selling for a very reasonable price. The Razr i is probably the only model really worth considering right now, but it is a good one, and a bargain to boot.

Nokia: The King of Windows

Nokia is one of the original mobile companies, and has been around for a very long time. Most recently, they've teamed up with Microsoft to produce a solid range of Windows phones, called the Lumia series. Windows phones are often avoided by consumers because the system is clunky and difficult to use. However, Nokia have laid their own interface over the Windows operating system, and the result on their new Windows 8 phones is absolutely superb. A Nokia Lumia running Windows 8 is worthy competition for any iPhone or Android phone. Other Nokia models sadly aren't as great, being a little heavy and chunky when compared to the competition. But if you're into Windows phones, then you really should be looking at the Nokia Lumia range.

HTC: The Best of Both Worlds

HTC are a rapidly growing brand on the UK market, and they specialise in two kinds of phones. The first is the Desire range, which is a solid series of mid-market phones that retail for decent prices, have good build quality and steady processing power, and are just generally nice, middle of the road devices, great for the average phone user. Their other big speciality is high end business type phones, the One series, which tend to have big processors, big screens and big memory. The HTC One is the latest release in this series and is already a best seller with most mobile operators. If you want a great middle range phone, or a solid business phone, then HTC is the brand to look at.

Blackberry: If You Need a Keyboard

Blackberrys have decreased a lot in popularity recently, mostly due to the fact that they tend to have slow processors and be relatively expensive when compared to other brands. But Blackberrys do have one feature that draws a lot of people to them: a full QWERTY keyboard. In a world where most phones are touch screen, there are still people that prefer a physical keyboard for typing. If this is you, then you're probably going to end up going for a Blackberry. They also tend to make good business phones, with a lot of scheduling and business software included.

Huawei: Best for the Budget Conscious

Huawei is pretty new to the UK market, though they've been around in Asia for a while. On the European market Huawei has decided to specialise in budget smart phones, for which there's a growing demand. In general, budget smart phones tend to be very lacking in features, and to have small, impractical screens. Huawei is out to change all that by bringing big screened, decently featured smart phones to the market and retailing them for budget prices. Their newest release, for example, is the Ascend W1, which has the biggest screen of any budget smart phone. It's also got plenty of processing power and a fair amount of internal memory. It's a Windows phone, which is a first for Huawei, and it retails at just around a hundred pounds. For bargain hunters or those on a budget, Huawei is going to be a good bet.