High Heels Hurt My Feet

If high heels typically hurt your feet, then you probably spend a lot of time wondering to yourself and even aloud to others: “What are the most comfortable high heels?”

Let's face it, wearing high heels can leave your feet feeling both numb and looking bruised. Not to mention all of the foot issues that can be attributed to wearing uncomfortable pumps for prolonged periods of time including callouses, bunions and even hammer toes. High heels can even be impossible to wear when suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Luckily there are shoes on the market today, which are well regarded as the most comfortable high heels in the industry. We all have special concerns when it comes to shoes. Many of us have wide feet, are full figured, have no archers or even fallen arches – which often make wearing stylish pumps even that much more painful and uncomfortable, especially for 8 hours or more.

And we all know that even the most comfortable flats aren't always an option, when looking for a heel. Good high heels are comfortable, stylish and lengthen the leg providing for a nice slimming and elongated look.

But the look of many heels just isn't enough. Women need a comfortable shoe too. So here are a list of stylish and comfortable heels. Some with breakthrough tennis shoe technology.

 Cole Haan Nike Air Heels and Shoes

Cole Haan Nike Air Heels(83287)

Nike and Cole Haan have come together in the most perfect partnership, albeit paradoxical, to bring women all over the world the best looking esthetic of a high heel and the comfort of a tennis shoe. The standout attractions of a Nike heel, are the well constructed and cushioned soles that often given you the urge to run. The Cole Haan design elements ensures that your shoe is well styled. Most women just don't want comfort. If that was the case you'd wear your flip flops to work or on those special occasions. For many women that just isn't an option.


Anti-Gravity Easy Spirit Shoes

Easy Spirit Pump

Easy Spirt hasn't always been well thought of as being stylish, especially at it gained popularity some years ago. Again, women everywhere including the specialty groups of plus sized, wide width and fallen arch consumers, just didn't want comfort, they wanted style too. But today, the Easy Spirit company provides all types of shoes and at most of the popular widths, including N to WW. The Anti Gravity Easy Spirit shoe has gotten great reviews over the years especially from full figured women who wanted the option of wearing a pump and having that plush feel good sole that the company is well known for. 

More Comfortable Pumps for Women

Bella Vita Shoes

 Bella Vita Shoes make it easy for women everywhere to get a comfortable pump that is well styled too. The Bella Vita shoes even has Oprah's thumbs up, she describes this brand as being one of the best in accommodating wider feet. On top of the that the company brand, which name in English means: “Its a Good Life.” Has really set the industry standard when it comes to constructing the most comfortable pump, wedge or even flats.

Remember you don't have to suffer for fashion.

Not when three top manufacturers have designed the most comfortable high heels and pumps for women of all shapes and sizes from plus size to thin.