It seems that with the huge unemployment problem in this country that the conditions for qualifications have vanished. Maybe it’s the fact that these types of jobs don’t pay what they used to and it’s harder to find a good business management person.  Hiring Business Managers that do not have experience in this field can lead to a magnitude of problems.  You are not born into this role; it comes with practice and knowledge.  Do you meet the criteria of a good boss?


Qualifications of bossesCredit: :; By mconnors

According to USA Today, Gallops 2013 State of American Workplace Report stated that 70% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs and 18% of this percentage of workers are totally disconnected from their jobs.  The reasons are simple for a large percentage of the unhappy employees.


  • Do they have previous experience managing employees or is this a free for all. If so, you might be managed by someone who only has experience managing their kids. These types of bosses may not have the skills to handle employees in a professional manner. Scolding employees is not professional. Talking to employees in a respectful way will encourage growth.
  • Being a good listener is part of being a good boss. Employees are not robots and will work affectively in a team oriented atmosphere if they know they answer to someone who listens.
  • Treating employees with respect is essential to a manager’s success as well as the company they work for. If a manager comes off as treating them as stupid, it will have adverse effects on production.  You will only earn their respect if you treat them in the same manner.
  • Micro-Managing is counterproductive. No one likes to be micro-managed. It makes people feel not appreciated and unqualified. When a boss trusts a worker to be productive it shows he has confidence in them.
  • Controlling ones emotions at the office, especially when you are in a manager position is very important. This not only includes anger spouts, but moodiness and silent treatments.  This is totally unprofessional.
  • Bosses that throw employees under the bus to save their own embarrassment of mistakes need to change their methods. This type of behavior will haunt you and eventually will do you in. Everyone knows that we are all human and we all make mistakes. Owning up to your mistakes will earn respect.
  • Those who are on an Ego-trip over their job position are setting themselves up for failure.  This is only proof that they are insecure about their own qualifications and this happens most often when one is less qualified for a management job. A good boss is humble enough to learn from others and not put himself on a pedestal.
  • Harassment on the job for no good reason can lead to no good. Employees will only take so much and then they will quit or worse.  They may find a way to sue you, if there is ample cause.  In managing employees, a qualified person would not cross this line.
  • Being given a management job that oversees any amount of employees should be treated as an honor to be an example. If you are humble enough to accept it as an honor, you will find that your place of employment will excel which has its rewards.