Bleaching of the teeth has become a very popular way for people to whiten their dingy colored teeth. Aside from the great effectiveness of this procedure it has many risks as well. However it is important that there is a small risk no matter what you do, and most of the time the great reward of the outcome is worth more than the risk. With the rise of so many easy to find tooth bleaching kits one has to ask what the risk of tooth bleaching is however.

When it has to do with your health it is important to fully understand the risks, even if you have the full intention of going through with it. There are many cheap tooth bleaching kits that can be found online that work in a few different ways. It is important to look around and find out if any of these kits are right for you if you are consider tooth bleaching.

The first type tooth bleaching kit requires a highly concentrated gel. This is usually considered to be the most risky procedure. This procedure can be done at home or with the aid of a dentist while at his office. This risks increase exponentially here because you are required to drive to the dentist's office. Everyone knows that driving is extremely risky. All joking aside there are many powerful chemicals in these kits that you don't want in most parts of your mouth. These procedures come with a small plate or dental tray that is used to keep the chemicals out of the other areas of your mouth when the gel after the gel is placed on your teeth. These chemicals could leak out of the tray and cause damage to the soft tissues in your mouth. This can cause burns or bleach the mucous membrane inside the mouth. There are also problems with over whitening the teeth, this can cause great sensitivity. This is likely the worst side effect of home tooth bleaching kits.

The other kind of bleaching kit includes strips that are placed on the teeth and left on for an extended period of time. You can go about your business or even sleep with them in. The side effects carried on these is quite a bit lower that that carried by the higher power gels. These can however still be damage and even painful to over sensitivity teeth. Bleach is highly corrosive and will slowly destroy the enamel on the teeth regardless of how it is delivered.