Active kids can be cute and fun. But when this incredible energy translates into uncontrollable rowdy behavior at home, in school, during socials, at church - practically everywhere - and he injures himself or hurts other kids, cute kid becomes a pain.

Energetic kids can be labeled with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). However, it has other symptoms too, like inattention and impulsivity. A child may become candidate for ADHD if the symptoms of hyperactivity-impulsivity have persisted for at least six months to a degree that is maladaptive and inconsistent with what is expected of a child at a particular age.

  1. Lack of concentration. The child becomes extremely restless. He fidgets with his fingers while sitting, swings both arms while standing, moves from one seat to another during class. The child's inability to focus makes it doubly difficult for him to accomplish a task.
  2. Aggression. Observe how your child behaves when he is with his peers. Kids with hyperactive disorder often display aggressive behavior or undue irritability with playmates when faced with "normal frustrations" like losing in a game or failing to get what they want. They fight, yell and become extremely aggressive for little or no apparent reason.
  3. Impulsivity. Being impulsive is an anti-social, restless behavior common to hyperactive children. The child will blurt out anything that he feels like saying, without regard to a particular social situation where other kids know they should be quiet. For instance, hyperactive kids yell during Mass or the flag ceremony. They impulsively jump into conversations or games without being asked.
  4. Indifference to physical harm. Most children are unaware of the physical dangers around them and the risks in certain activities. However, this trait is strongly exhibited by children who manifest ADHD. They slide down the stair banisters, play with fire in the kitchen, toy with knives and sharp objects, etc.
  5. Clumsiness and forgetfulness. Some kids tend to lose their toys, spill drinks or food on their shirts and break some things. These are normal occurrences if it happens once in a while. But hyperactive kids frequently display marked clumsiness and forgetfulness that are not normal with other kids their age.