My wife was pregnant with our son while I was overseas in Kuwait with the United States' Army. It was really tough on her being pregnant with our first child and not having me around. She was very tired and fatigued in the beginning of her pregnancy and that combined with the nausea made it a difficult time for her. I wanted to help her as much as I could with being so far away.  I started to do some extensive research on the best prenatal vitamins that would provide the most benefit to my wife and baby.  I wanted my wife and son to receive the best nutrients that they could and I wanted my wife to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. I knew there were numerous different prenatal vitamins on the market so this task was a bit of a challenge.  I didn’t want something mediocre for my family, I wanted the best. I consider myself a perfectionist at times and I certainly was when it came to this.  This was also a way to make me feel connected and part of the pregnancy with being so far away from my family.  I was able to come home to be with my family when my wife was in the end of her second trimester.

After spending quite some time researching vitamins I found the product that I wanted for my wife. It was called the New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamin.   These vitamins are made with all organic vegetables and herbs. They are meant to promote a healthy pregnancy and fetal development. This product contains probiotics, is gluten-free, and contains no artificial flavors or colors.  There were a ton of excellent five star reviews on this product and I was very excited for my wife to try them. Several of the reviews stated “best prenatal vitamins hands down,”  “wonderful prenatal vitamin,” and “great for sensitive stomachs.”  While the vitamins tend to be more on the pricy side I decided that their benefits outweighed the cost.  

The vitamins arrived in record times which I was very pleased with. My wife stated that after two or three days of taking the vitamins she noticed a “significant increase in my energy level.” She also stated that the vitamins were gentle on her stomach and caused her no stomach upset. With feeling nauseous from the hormones from the baby my wife expected to feel some stomach upset after taking them, but she said she felt “completely fine.” She also stated that the size of the vitamins were great and were in no way “horse-sized,” which she had been worried about. She went on to recommend these vitamins to several friends that were also pregnant.

 During her pregnancy my wife rarely became sick. Working as an RN she was constantly exposed to germs; however she only had one minor cold during her pregnancy.  She is convinced that it is due to the vitamins.  Towards the end of my wife’s second trimester she briefly ran out of the vitamins and took a prenatal vitamin that she picked up from the store.  She stated the difference she felt was tremendous.  Her stomach felt upset after taking the vitamin and she felt significantly more fatigued.  She asked me to have the next order of vitamins expedited.

I bought my wife the 2nd largest supply of the New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins, which was a bottle containing 270 tablets.  As you can see below, the largest supply of these vitamins that you can purchase today are 384 tablets. You can also buy a bottles that contain 192 tablets, 96 tablets, or 48 tablets. It took me awhile to decide which ones to purchase, as each were priced such that they made the higher level tablet count seem more appealling and like a more solid 'deal'. Knowing that it is recommended that a woman take these throughout all three trimesters, upon reflection, I wish I would have just purchased the 384 tablet bottle right from the beginning. 

(NOTE: If you do purchase these from Amazon, be very attuned to the pricing. Based on the current pricing, it appears like you can actually receive TWO (270) count tablet bottles, for a total of 540 tablets, for less of a price than had you purchased a bottle with 384 tablets. While purchasing these, I did find that the pricing was a bit strange. Like I said, it would appear currently, at this may change in the future, that you can receive more value/tablets, at a better price, if you buy bottles separately, rather than as the largest count available.)

It is recommended that a woman takes three of the tablets a day. This is a negative for some people as they think they would never remember to take three a day. However, she could either take all three of them together at once or spread them out during the day. My wife normally took all three of them together and she never had an issue with forgetting to take the vitamins.  The 2nd largest supply of 270 tablets, which I purchased for my wife, is enough to last for one full trimester. The vitamins can even be taken on an empty stomach, but my wife always took them with a meal. Even when she took all three at once she said that she never got an upset stomach. I read some complaints about there being a “smell” to the vitamins. 

My wife said there is a slight smell but nothing that bothered her; she said that it smelled like a “natural” scent, which in my opinion is to be expected with these vitamins.  However, some people might be bothered by the smell. I was very satisfied with the purchase of these vitamins and highly recommend these to pregnant woman. My wife is currently breastfeeding our son and is continuing to take these vitamins and I am happy to know that my son is benefiting from them as well. Our baby’s pediatrician has commented several times on how “strong” our son is and how he is “advanced for his age.”

Whether or not these vitamins played a part in that (though I do believe they did play a big part), when the doctor says that I feel like a very proud Dad. 

I am so happy that I took the time to extensively research these vitamins and I feel very strongly that my wife and son significantly benefited from these. I encourage you to give these vitamins a try.  It is very important that the Mom and baby receive all of the essential nutrients needed, and I believe these vitamins provide that.  It is always good to speak with your Doctor about what Prenatal vitamins you are taking, and I do suggest doing that before you start taking them. I wanted to write this article to share our experience with these vitamins and to maybe make the search easier for those going through the same situation.  It was a time-consuming project but definitely worth it in the end. Being a Dad is the best thing ever and I feel like I am learning something new every day.