In modern life today, social media tools and platforms has changed the way we do business. In recent years, many companies and individuals have started to use Facebook as part of their marketing campaigns. Facebook is a great tool and a useful addition to the company's marketing efforts. To benefit from Facebook and use it as a efficient and effective marketing tool, one would have to comprehend how Facebook works. Below are some good ways to create a good fanpage that can catapult your business's facebook page to the next level.

Effective Cover Photo

Ever since Facebook switched their layout to the timeline, more companies are taking advantage of the cover photo for their marketing efforts. One of the rules states that one is not allowed to have any promotion directly through the cover photos, so make sure you do not violate their rules and regulations. A well designed cover page is also more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Do update your cover photo regularly so that your readers and fans can come back to a fanpage with new cover photo. Capture the attention of your fans with a quirky slogan or catchy statement. Constantly changing your cover photo also gives signals to your fans that your company is always evolving and coming up with new ideas.

Content is King

Having good and meaningful content plays a pivotal role in a successful cover page. Do not flood your fanpage with a lot of offers and promotions. No one would want their feed to be spammed with promotions. Post useful tips and contents that help the readers to gain some knowledge. Try to participate in meaningful discussions and engagements that are related to your company's niche. In this way, your company can create reputation and trust by imparting the right knowledge to the community. It would also be helpful to maintain a regular updating schedule. You can rotate between the different working departments to ensure a constant stream of information and fresh content from different perspectives. If there is interesting and new content, fans would definitely repeat their visits. It requires hard work and constant effort to create presence for your Facebook fanpage.

Invest in High-Quality Logo Design

Rather than putting some random picture, reinforce your brand by having a logo that best represents your company. Have a well designed logo for your cover page or profile picture. A logo that is simple, yet distinctive, can convey the right message to your readers. Seek professional help from logo companies like The Logo Company to design an effective and simple logo that features something unique without being overdrawn. A good logo can allow your fans and readers to remember your company, in the process helping to improve your company's branding and marketing. With hundreds of high-quality reviews, from highly satisfied customers, The Logo Company is one of the best logo design companies I have found, have used myself on many occasions, and would recommend for the branding of your business and Facebook page.


Everyone needs a little pick me up or some inspiration at certain parts of their lives. You can be the inspirational source that spurs your fans and they would be grateful to you for that. Some of them might eventually become your lifelong clients if they really like your fanpage!


As the adage goes, laughter is an instant medicine. Everyone enjoys a good laugh so take advantage of this fact and share a funny photo that makes everyone laugh. Sometimes, it is okay to loosen up and inject some fun into your Facebook fanpage. Do draw the line between fun and being silly. Let your fans have fun laughing at the funny photo that you have shared. By being funny and hilarious can gain you some attention if you have a knack for humorous and creative photos.

Tell People More About Your Company

Make full use of the Facebook page to market your company. Make a collage of the pictures that represent your products and service for your cover photo. In this way, you no longer have to be restricted to that one photo. It also show the fans an idea of what your business is about. If you have hordes of people queuing for your business everyday, leverage from that! Nothing beats the real endorsement from real customers. Displaying a cover photo with lots of people queuing and entering your shop is the perfect proof of the popularity.

Feature your storefront or location on your cover photo so that new fans can identify with it and it will be easier for new fans to find your shop. Having a cover photo showing your customers enjoying your company's products or service is also a surefire advertisement methods. Add that personal touch to your cover photo by showcasing your team members or the staff live in action. Such behind the scenes will allow fans to better understand your company's operations and services.

Response Time

Be quick and efficient in answering any queries and questions from your fans. This will also build the trust between your company and the fans as this meant that your company places much emphasis on customer service. Being swift in taking action also reflects well on your company as a customer centric and efficient one.

Complementing Your Website

The fanpage can also be used to complement your company's website. It would be a good help to drive more traffic to the website as well as to provide a more direct way for your fans and readers to understand more about your company's products and services. Make sure that the color, styles and themes of your Facebook fanpage and website are synchronized so that the readers can identify that they derived from the same company and source. 

Do not undermine the power of Facebook as a post or update can go viral within minutes, exposing your company to millions of fans and readers. It is simple and fuss free to use these tips to achieve a fantastic Facebook fanpage. Learn to treat your fans with sincerity and honesty. Good communication and patience will garner you more fans and readers. The secret to a successful fanpage is to execute, take action and be consistent in maintaining the momentum. With all these ingredients, your company would be able to have an awesome fanpage, one that will bring your company to greater heights.