If you plan on heading to Panama anytime in the next several years, then you need to know how to get in the country, first and foremost! Like all countries, the first thing that you need is a good ole visa. So the question is—what are the requirements of the visa and what do you need in order to actually visit the country? Well, here are a few tips.

1. Passport

Have your passport ready to go. You will need at least two passport size photos, along with a passport that doesn’t expire in any less than six months, a booking reservation, and two completed applications. Certain countries will also need to prove that they have enough money on them to actually take care of themselves whilst there and prove that they aren’t trying to illegally immigrate into the country. This means that you’ll also need your return ticket to be purchased beforehand. However, this does depend on those countries. Check into them beforehand. You’ll also, although it’s unrelated to your passport, want to have any Panama City Panama hotels that you plan on staying in ready. There are many hotels in Panama City Panama to choose from—and plenty that you should check into staying at!

2. Be prepared for buying your visa

Visas aren’t that hard to get…but you need to purchase one immediately if you don’t require authorization…and you have twenty days if you do come from a country that requires authorization. They aren’t too expensive—about 30 euros or the amount required from your country. There are a few different countries that can get visas for free, such as the US. It will depend also on where you get your visa. Sometimes you can buy it before departing and others you will need to

3. Validation?

You can buy visas up to two months prior to actually using them—they only last for thirty days unless you talk with officials about possibly extending it up to 90 days. Any longer and you’ll probably need to fill out quite a bit more paperwork. Keep in mind what you plan on accomplishing whilst you’re in Panama and remember that you have only a certain amount of time there.

4. Have everything planned out

There are plenty of Panama City hotels Panama that you can choose from…but the main thing to do is to pick one that’s nearest everything that you plan on going to see. There are quite a few different hotels in Panama City Panama to choose, so you’re sure to be able to find SOMEWHERE that you can go. The main thing to do is to be close to your things at all times in case you need to pull out your visa for any purposes. Make sure that you also have a map handy at all times—it takes several times to learn certain things that you’ll end up forgetting eventually anyways. Make sure to take the time to find out where everything is, at least via map, before you start exploring.