I have spent over 10 years trying to find a red hair colour that doesn’t fade quickly or turn orange.  I have wasted so much money to colour my hair and have it turn orange after a week or less.   I’m starting to believe that if the shade has copper in it that it will fade quickly and turn orange.  This is even true with salon brands such as Schwarzkopf IGORA shades.  A year ago I finally stumbled upon a true red shade that doesn’t fade or turn orange, and colours evenly – Garnier Nutrisse in True Red #66.  You get a beautiful true red colour that lasts for 6 weeks.

I have naturally mousey brown hair that lacks shine.  I love to keep my hair a nice true red colour.  I have tried many different brands and shades (Salon brands, Garnier, L'Oreal, Natural Instincts, among other brands) to find that most fade quickly and turn orange/copper within a couple of weeks.  Using a colour protecting serum doesn't really do much to lock the colour in or keep it from fading over night.  Using John Frieda’s Radiant Red shampoo and conditioner only helps in the beginning.

Garnier Nutrisse in True Red #66:  I was browsing the hair colour section at Shoppers Drug Mart and came across this gem of a colour. It was a good price too: on sale for $ 6.99. Can't beat that since most other brands are $12.99 - $ 15.99.

My Review: I love this colour. It is a true red with no hint of copper or orange to it. The colour mixes quickly and easily.  It does not fade for the first 6 weeks after proper application.  It colours evenly and is very simple to apply.  I will continue to use this shade until it is discontinued.  It is an intense red but it looks natural with my dark brown eyes and fair skin.  It also adds lots of shine.  It comes with a very moisturizing weekly treatment conditioner.    It is gentle on your hair and does not dry it out, even if you don’t use the weekly treatment.  Lots of other brands dry your hair out during the colouring process.  The smell of this colouring is not intense.  It has the least amount of smell to it that any other brand I have used.  The hair colour has everything one would want in a hair colour – non fading, non drying, little odour and wonderful even colour.

Application Tips:  You must apply to dry hair. Now I always wash my hair twice with a deep cleansing shampoo and use my hair dryer to dry it completely.   I then put a layer of conditioner or Vaseline around my hair line as my skin sucks in the colour and leaves a ring around my hairline of colour.  It applies easy and does not drip. You leave it on for 25 minute. You can even apply it to your eyebrows for 15-20 minutes and will have natural looking brows that aren't orange but are red. I have very course and dark brows and it looks more natural if I tint my brows in the same shade as my hair. I then rinse my hair for 25-30 minutes. This way all the excess colour is gone. I use the included treatment and put on for 10 minutes or so. I take a shower and then rinse the treatment out.

The best thing to do is not wash it for 2-3 days after colouring it. That way it can set. For the first two weeks after colouring you will have bleeding in the shower when the hair gets wet. I don't worry about it too much since I had almost no fading for 6 weeks after colouring. I use a moisturizing shampoo or a colour protecting shampoo and matching conditioner. I wash it twice every other day and follow with conditioner. The other days I just get it wet and rinse the product out of it.