Mylec plastic hockey sticks.

Hockey sticks...

How did we ever use the Mylec plastic hockey sticks..?

I have played a lot of dek & roller hockey in my day. I have used & broken a bunch of different sticks so my knowledge on this topic is well tested. I have had a few sticks broken on me & I have broken a few sticks on other people. These sticks were gold...

When I was a little younger (back in the early 90’s…oh boy I’m getting old…anyways…) the only sticks available for dek hockey were Mylec’s sticks. They made a 1 piece wooden shaft with a plastic blade inserted, glued & taped into the bottom of the stick. Not what you would call a very strong stick. I used to beg my mom to buy me a new stick every time I broke a stick. Needless to say...that didn't last long. They cost around $10-$15 brand new back in the early 90's. Now that is not a lot of money compared to the $300+ that sticks cost these days..! I use to beg my mom for a new Mylec & eventually she would give in & buy me a new stick. She is a great mom...she could not resist my charm. (or was she tired of seeing my cry for a new stick..? I still think it was my charm...) But, I digress...ok, she would buy me a new stick & I would wrap the entire stick with clear packing tape to make it last as long as possible. It was the same tape you would use to wrap a box to send through the main. Man...that stuff is super strong. So thank you packing tape for giving my sticks longevity....oh mom's wallet thanks you too.

Another poor design feature of the stick was that most of the blades were the color black. The surface material we played on was the exact same hard plastic Mylec material that the hockey blades were made of. Good theory right..? WRONG...Ok not totally wrong. That combination was great for any temperature below 50 degrees. If the sun hit the black rink the temperature would rise beyond belief. Also, what do you think happened to the black blade @ the end of your Mylec..? One word...JELLO. It would be like trying to hit a baseball with a wet noodle. It didn't work well.

So in closing...why did we use these sticks..? Answer: That is all we had to use. Simple answer right...I wonder every time I see a Mylec stick how we ever scored a goal. But man did we have fun...Now I spend $200 minimum for a stick these days & that is the cheaper sticks...! Crazy huh..? (no..I don't have my mommy pay for them anymore..but I think I could still get her to buy me 1...I would just use my charm..)

I will miss you Mylec 1 have served me well.

So if anybody out there wants to go back in time, buy this stick & go out into the backyard & shelf a few in the top corner of the net...That's were mama keeps the cookies...Top shelf baby..!


Sidney Crosby

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