What are the differences between preppers, homesteaders and the survivalist?  Are they just different words for the same thing, or is there a real difference between them? All three groups are preparing for a catastrophic event. This event does not have to be a doomsday event, but it can be something smaller such as a tornado or hurricane.

  All three groups have a few things in common such as gardening, hunting and fishing. They grow their own food in gardens and preserve the food that they grow. Most of them also have livestock such as chickens and goats if they live in an area that doesn’t prohibit it.

city vegetable gardenCredit: Simon Howden

  Despite these similarities there are some differences between the three groups. The main difference is how they are getting ready for a doomsday event and their motivation for preparing.

  A prepper is somebody who is preparing for a catastrophic event by storing food and gathering supplies they think they will need if something catastrophic does happen. Preppers generally lead normal lives, and simply choose to be ready by having a plan in place in case an event happens that results in shortages of food and supplies.

  Preppers will sometimes have a bug-out location which is a place they can go to if their primary residence becomes compromised. This place is usually away from major urban areas with enough natural resources to help them survive. As you might have guessed this bug-out place is also stockpiled with food and survival gear.

  Some people view the survivalist as a loner living alone in the mountains, or as an antigovernment militia white supremacist. This is not what a survivalist is however. The survivalist is a person who is capable of living off of the land and can make the supplies that they need in order to survive a catastrophic event.

The Prepper's Pocket Guide: 101 Easy Things You Can Do to Ready Your Home for a DisasterCredit: Amazon

The Prepper's Pocket Guide

The survivalist relies on camouflage and avoiding detection in the event of civil unrest. They keep most of the survival supplies that they need to live off of the land in a backpack.  This allows them to be more mobile than preppers and homesteaders.

   A homesteader is a person who chooses to live the simple life much like people did in the 1800’s. Homesteaders are people who are trying to live a greener life while not depending solely on outside sources for their food or supplies. They generally try to live off of the grid by generating electricity using solar cells and wind turbine generators.

Wind turbine houseCredit: xedos4

  Because homesteaders are already living a self-reliant lifestyle, they are perhaps the most prepared to last during a long-term survival situation. The biggest disadvantage for the homesteader is that they rely totally on one location. It will be a lot harder for them to relocate to another area if they lose their house.

  As you can see there are some differences between the survivalist, prepper and homesteader even though they have the same basic goal of getting ready for a catastrophic event. The main difference between them is how they are preparing for doomsday.