We learnt in science about action and reaction. For every action, there is a reaction.

The same principle applies in health. If you are a frequent sufferer of migraine headache, you know that there are migraine headache causes.

After all, a condition does not just appear out of the blue. You must have done something, or fail to do something that result in migraine headache.

What are the common migraine headache causes?

Once you know the migraine headache causes in your case, you can take action to eliminate pain forever.

1. Sleep

If you have a problem with sleep, you will definitely feel tired and prone to migraine headache.

Most people develop bad sleep habits in their teens. They refuse to go to sleep when it is bedtime. They can even stay awake throughout the night to play computer games.

When they are older, the inner body clock does not work to prompt them to sleep. As a result, they have problem falling asleep. They have problem gaining quality sleep.

If sleep problem is your main cause of migraine headache, you may need to seek specialist treatment.

2. Stress

Stress is another common cause of migraine headache.

The looming deadline and the fear of losing job often combine to add stress to a person.

When you face work stress, you may feel the neck muscle tightens. That tension disrupts the blood circulation to the brain.

It is important to exercise regularly to relieve stress in a healthy manner. If you do not have time for exercising after work, you can do neck massage whenever work stress gets to you.

You can set aside five minutes interval for stair climbing. It is surprising what five minutes of climbing up stairs can do for you.

You will feel so refresh after just 3 minutes of climbing stairs.

3. Food

If you are allergic to certain food, you need to avoid those food items permanently.

Tea and coffee can trigger migraine headache in some people.

You can keep a food diary to monitor the food you eat. If you notice that a certain food always link to the attack of headache, you must take it out of your menu.

4. Heat and direct sunlight

Most urban dwellers are office workers. We do not have contact with direct sunlight when we are working. The tall buildings shield us from direct sunlight most of the time.

In this case, our body is not ready for exposure to direct sunlight. You cannot walk 2 miles under the direct afternoon sun without suffering from a headache later.

If you like some exposure to the sun, you can take an early morning walk or evening walk.

Avoid heat and direct sunlight, especially the late morning to early afternoon.

5. Light

If you often work on the laptop without sufficient light, you will suffer from migraine headache. If you work on the computer under strong light, you will suffer from the headache as well, especially when the light is facing you.

You need to work under sufficient light, and the best is to have the light above you, and not directly shining into your eyes.

You have to take a break from working on the computer frequently. The glaring of the computer screen results in tension on your eyes.

Eye problem is another common cause of migraine headache.

All these are common migraine headache causes. It does not mean there are no more trigger for the pain.

What are your migraine headache causes? You may find that you have a few triggers for migraine headache.

Once you can pinpoint the migraine headache causes, you can take action to eliminate or reduce the migraine headache causes.

It is not possible to get rid of stress. If stress is the main cause, you need to find ways to deal with stress.