In my research for this topic around the internet I found out that Google apparently does not keep a record of the most searched terms all time apparently. I did do some digging and did find something within the Google site that has the most searchde terms from 2004 to the present day. The following words are the most searched since 2004:

1. facebook

2. myspace

3. you tube

4. youtube

5. wikipedia

6. gmail

7. google

8. hotmail

9. juegos

10. mail

The only surprises I find on this list is probably how high myspace is and juegos (Spanish for games) is on there and not games. There is not much else to that list although it is surprising to see that there is nothing about porn or anything about sex although Google might be changing the search results and maybe that do not condone what some people search for. What is surprising is that myspace is still number two even though it is not as popular as it once was. To see what is currently trending in Google searches you can go and check out the site Google Trends.