Technology has given us easy access to information so easy in fact that all you have to do is type a topic on the search engines bar. Wait and in a few seconds you will have thousands if not millions of results right at your finger tips to read about. It is incredible that just a few years ago in order for people to look for information they would have had to comb through libraries full of books and documents just to get information on any given topic.

When the internet came around in just a few years if you wanted to find something you were interested in all you have to do is type the subject name and hit enter and you are off. When the internet started so did the search engines.

Search engines are huge databases of webpage files that have been assembled automatically by machine. These huge databases included everything on every topic you can think of. It is incredible how huge these databases of information are.

There many different search engines in the internet it all depends on what you are used to using. If you do a search you could come across a lot of different lists of search engines you can use. I will give you a list of 15 search engines that people may come across while surfing the net.

They are:

  5. AOL Search
  11. Info

There are a lot more search engines online but these are the ones that I know and have used from time to time. Each one is different in the way they do searches for topics you are interested in. Some deliver more website results than others. Some search engines piggy back off the larger search engines.

My personal opinion the most popular search engines are Google, Bing (MS) and Yahoo. Each one brings a different twist to the user. Some like Bing because it helps you find what you are looking for when typing in a topic on the search bar. Yahoo is also a good search engine. Most people use yahoo as a home page when they get on the internet. I like Yahoo because when I get on the home page I like to read the articles that they are showing on their site. Both have good features that most people like and use to me though their searching abilities are somewhat limited. If you really need to search and have a all in one feature my personal favorite is Google. Knock it as you may they are the largest and most used search engine in the world!

Unlike the other two in Google you have the option to view all types of videos, instant messaging, email and they have their own social network google+ which is beginning to gain popularity with users. Millions of people use Google all over the world no matter what time it is someone is always on Google researching whatever has gotten their interest. Not even Bing who is Microsoft’s version to compete with Google even comes close. Google is constantly putting out more and more features and products that people can use. This is a one stop shop!

So if you need to search like a pro! Your choice should be Google all of the time!!