Basically the seven deadly sins are: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy,and Pride.

They are christian teachings based on the bible.


Lust is described as being a desire for bodily or worldly pleasures that extend beyond what a person would normally desire.


This is mostly associated with an unusual desire to consume more food than the human body requires.


Greed touches our lives in many areas, mainly being an insatiable desire for "more", whether it be money or possessions, and leaving out any spiritual connections.


Sloth is simply an old world term for "laziness". Laziness being the lack of desire to work or be a productive citizen. It also refers to things such as personal hygiene.


Wrath is simply another term for anger. We have all had to learn how to control anger. some of us are better at handling anger than others.


Envy comes into play when it seems that your neighbors or acquaintances always have what you don't. Or you are constantly trying to "one up" them, by buying a bigger boat or building a better grill, etc. It also has an effect on human relationships, and is observed a lot in sibling rivalry.


Pride is what many of us have always been told to stuff in our back pockets. It can also be described as being vain or "stuck on one's self'. Basically it's a persons belief that "they are the best", and thereby putting all others beneath themselves.

These are the main points in the ten commandments.