What are the ways to become a millionaire? I'm sure we've all asked ourselves these questions before. The ways to become a millionaire are actually simple. The methods however are a little more complicated. Obviously you need the ambition, creativity, talent, smarts, and hard work to become a millionaire. Let's face, it if were that simple to become a millionaire, most of us would be ones by now!

The best ways to become a millionaire require a strong initiative on your part. You don't have to be a millionaire just to consider yourself successful. After all, money is actually a very small object to life. How to become millionaire will take risks, and require passion in a particular job you're in. There are actually numerous ways to become a millionaire. You can become a smart budgeter and saver, then end up a billionaire by the time you retire. You'd be surprised in 10, or 20 years how much money you could save. How to become a billionaire sometimes might happen by flat out lucky, like winning the lottery, or having a family inheritance. However, any other case it will usually require skill, strategy, passion, and a lot of hard work.

Become a Entrepreneur

What are the ways to become a millionaire without education? Be a entrepreneur. Do you have a specific idea, or want to start your own business? There's no limit to starting your own business. You do not need education, or specific job status to become a billionaire. A lot successful entrepreneurs start from scratch, and build their business into multi-million dollar enterprises. Didn't Bill Gates start out in a garage? If you have the resources, ambition, knowledge in your field, then jump on board! Understand there's obvious risks in being a entrepreneur. Becoming a millionaire certainly is not easy. It's a high risk, high reward venture.

Invest your money and create a budget

What are the ways to become a millionaire if you can't budget money? Don't spend your money on things you don't need! Learn to save, spend what's needed. Sure, everyone likes to have money to spend on entertainment to some degree. However, don't treat your money as if it grows on trees. It doesn't! Today's paycheck might not be tomorrow's.

Anyone can make money, but can you save, budget, and invest your money wisely? Contact a successful investment adviser. Consult with your accountant with smart strategies to save money and learn to budget better.

Become a professional athlete and be a billionaire

What are the ways to become a millionaire as an athlete. First off you need talent. Well, maybe not even talent! There was a player by the name of Sasha Pavlovic who played for my hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. He couldn't even make a lay up half the time, spent majority of his time on the bench, but was earning over 4 million dollars in one year. This is America folks, you can get paid millions from developing hemorrhoids from sitting on the bench.. If you're 6-7, you might be able to make a living waving a towel for a couple million dollars a year. Not a bad profession.

Okay, in all seriousness, obviously you'll need talent. You might be too old, fat, and past your prime for any chance at a career in athletics. However, that's what sons and daughters are for. Do you have the athletics gene, that you can past down to your younger generation? If they have a specific talent, physical ability, get them into basketball, baseball, or football camps. One day they might beat the odds, become a professional athlete, and buy you a brand new house to thank you for it.

Find out what your salary is worth in your profession

Everyone wants to be paid what they're worth. For example, go to and see if you're getting paid for what you're worth. Type in your job description, education, experience, etc, and see if you're getting paid properly for your skills. Ways to become a millionaire is to maximize all earnings potential in your field of expertise.

What are the ways to become a millionaire without a job?

Well, you could always get involved in illegal activities like organized crime, drug traffic, bank robbing, or any other way you see fit to making profitable money. I'm kidding of course! Don't seriously invest into illegal activities.

There are ways to become a millionaire by marrying a millionaire. If you're goal in life is strictly to become a millionaire, then by all means go for it. Become a millionaire by winning the lottery if you feel you're born lucky. The odds are against you, but maybe luck is on your side. Not practical ways to make a millions dollars, but possible.

What are ways to become a millionaire with a job?

What are the ways to become a millionaire with a job? Think education first off. Doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, Chief Executive Officers, surgeons anaesthesiologists and engineers are highly paid professions. There aren't very many, if any jobs that actually pay you a million dollars per year. Unless you're a professional athlete, music star, movie star, or in any form of entertainment business. Or, unless you own your own business and work for yourself. These types ways to become millionaire requires education, talent, and expertise.