The question is not whether you can make money online. The question is how much money you can make online.

Everyone can make money online. There are many different ways to make money online.

The problem is that the money is not even enough to pay for the cell phone bill and the broadband bill.

Let us look at the different ways to make money online.

1. Games

If you love to play game, you should consider MMORPG. MMORPG stands for Massive Multi-players Online Role Playing Game.

MMORPG is very addictive and very fun. You have probably heard of some of the famous ones, such as WoW.

You can play MMORPG to earn cash. Some players in China are playing WoW for the sake of building up a high level character. They will sell the high level character for a sum of money.

Many players hate the monotonous task of bringing their game characters to a high level. They prefer to buy a high level character so that they can participate in guild war.

That is why playing game is one way of making money online. Out of so many ways to make money online, this is also the most enjoyable one.

2. Writing articles

You can write articles for upfront payment. You can join Elance, Guru, Getafreelancer, Odesk or Textbroker as a writer.

You have to give up full rights to the content. That means once your articles are accepted, you cannot claim authorship to the articles.

What are the advantages of writing articles for upfront payment? The advantages include immediate payment and recurring assignments.

You can never run out of writing jobs if your writing skill is good enough for article directories.

Writing articles can also create a passive income stream. That means you can claim authorship to the content, and use different methods to monetize the content.

If you prefer payment by page views, you can join Demand Studio, Bukisa, Triond, Associated Content and Helium. Each writing site has its own requirements. Some do not accept international writers. Some pay a mixture of upfront and page views.

3. Affiliate marketing

You can join Google Affiliate program, Clickbank affiliate program and Amazon affiliate program as affiliate marketers.

While most affiliate marketers use article marketing method to promote the products, you can use other methods if you are not good at writing articles.

You can use forum signatures, blog commenting, Twitter, Facebook and email marketing methods. Some super affiliates manage to earn a few thousand dollars per month just using Twitter.

4. Paid forums

There are many paid forums for you to join. Most paid forums allow you to put in your Google Adsense code.

When you start a discussion, the discussion thread will display your Google ads. This is still the most popular methods of a paid forum.

Another type of paid forums is payment by post. Mylot is one example of this type of forum. You earn from posting. The payment system is such that you earn more from one single post of sufficient length rather than 100 short posts.

5.Flipping websites

Flipping websites can make a lot of money for you. However, if you are not good at seo and traffic generation, this method can make you poorer.

You can buy a low traffic website at a low cost. You can add in fresh content, and bring in more traffic to the website. You need to use different monetizing methods to increase the cash flow of the website before you can sell for a profit.

The selling price is often 12 to 24 times the monthly revenue.

If you buy a website that generates just $100 per month, you need to fork out $1200 to buy the website.

Once you improve the monthly earnings to $500 per month, you can sell away the websites for $6000.

The problem with this method is in choosing the right website to buy. Some webmasters destroy the websites to the point that these are banned by Google.

If you happen to buy these bad websites, you need to put in more effort to convince Google to remove the restriction.

An indication of a questionable website is the Page Rank of the website. If you see PR NA, that means something is very wrong.

Flipping websites is a very lucrative way to make money online.

What are the ways to make money online? These are just some of the common items. There are many ways to make money online for you to explore.