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This is a number game and I want to throw some numbers here. I want also to challenge you with another question related to my title question. And to make the article even more interesting I give you a tip somewhere inside it about how you can earn some cash while writing more articles for Info Barrel.

The award of this contest is really appealing. And more appealing is the fact that I consider this to be a win-win situation. I kind of ignore at first the power of refferals but as I came across this contest – I said to myself why not – this is a wonderful occasion to spread my refferal link to InfoBarrel and to sign up more interested persons and add to my income also a small part of their work. You never know who the next InfoBarrel winner will be. As I plan to become a noticeable member in this InfoBarrel community – I like to take all it's contests challenges seriously. I do this also because I noticed that them keep me highly motivated.

The "Summer Kindle Contest - Pay it Forward" is indeed as they wrote an easy contest. I assume that the winner will be the one who will write the biggest number of posts/articles about InfoBarrel on different sites. I wrote "assume" because as I read the contest description they did not specified this very accurately (my opinion!). My bet is that the winner will have more than 25 posts on 25 different other sites. So the question I ask you and hope to find out your responses on the comments section below is this:

Will 30 posts be enough to win the contest or not? What are the numbers you bet on? 40? 50?

Now lets' figure out which are the possible 25 sites where you can add a post about InfoBarrel. Here is my list:

eHow______ Squidoo______ HubPages____ Xomba________ HowToDoThings

FireHow____ SheToldMe___ Bukisa_______WiseGeek_____ EverythingMom
Triond______ Helium_______ Suite101_____ MyTripleDub___HowToArticles
Me________ Instructables___ YouSayToo___BloggerParty___ MeshPlex . org
Ethorities_____ Cybersist____ ArticleIncome___ Rotatrix Friend Network

Well in fact there are a lot more - here I complete my list ONLY with revenue sharing websites where you can submit articles/posts.

It is the time/place to give you the promise tip. I came across this TenBux site while I do some researches for revenue sharing websites. And this gives me the following idea - why not actually sell for 5$ or 10$ on that site some of your articles for Info Barrel. You write them at request with the keywords, the subject and the links given by a buyer (or researched by you for a given topic) - as long as the buyer needs only some backlink and some google search traffic for his site. True is that you better know some SEO in order to write a valuable article for the buyer. That's it - let me know how it works for you!

It is important for me that you help me figure NOW this number game out -:) because the contest is ending soon. And if I miss some of your favorite sites where you can also add a post about InfoBarrel - add that too in the comments below. I am looking forward to your bets and comments.