Many people, especially the older ones, look at skateboarders and think - "Why are they doing this? It's dangerous and there are so many better activities out there to do." Some even look at them with disgust, which I don't understand. The truth is that this sport can be very beneficial. Here I give a few examples why people should consider skateboarding as a good sport. It might be helpful for parents, who do not know whether to let their children buy a skateboard or not.

First of all, skateboarding is pure fun. When you get really involved, become a unit of the community, get to know great friends, you want to do "ollies", "kick-flips", "pop shove its" etc. all the time. This sport is addictive - in a positive way, of course. In my opinion, it can also help many young people who don't know what to do with their lives. Isn't it better to do some exercise, which skateboarding provides, than watch TV, stare into a computer or simply do nothing? Many teenagers become very engaged and they don't have any room in their minds to think about drugs, crimes and so on. I think skateboarding can be even a good way of reclamation. If you know any kid, who has lost the proper path, suggest him this type of a new experience. It's worth giving a try. He can lose nothing but can gain a lot.

There is also the issue of physical condition. Skateboarding is very demanding. If you want to learn to skateboard and you are not used to regular exercise, you can be exhausted just after the first trials. Today we live in a computer generation. Generally, people move less and the biggest problem is with kids. They spend most of their time watching TV, surfing the Internet, listening to music or playing with their iPhones. Enough of this. Skateboarding encourages them to go outdoors. It connects fun, exercise and personal development. Why personal development? Because you have to be motivated, self-organized and have a strong will.

Relationships are also very important. I mentioned "community" before. Some of you may have wondered what it really is. Is it a band of criminals? Are they the worst possible group of young people? Certainly not. The skateboarding society is very special. People in there become friends for life. Watch skaters' videos on YouTube. Have you noticed that almost all of them are made by teams? Yes, not one person, not a pair but 5 or 10 FRIENDS. You can always find someone to talk to, not only if you are trying new tricks but anytime, anywhere. Everyone is helpful and willing to give others advice. While being part of this fantastic community you will probably find out that the world is not this bad and people can still be... people. Just ask any skateboarder and he will tell you the same.

To sum up, skateboarding is very... good. "Good" is a right word to describe it in all areas. This sport is good in providing fun, good in encouraging kids to move, good in making relationships. Do you still have any doubts? I don't.