If you are wondering if a degree in business administration is worth it, then this article is perfect for you. Please read along as you learn what you can do with a degree in this exciting  field.

Advantages of gaining a degree in business administration

Obtaining a business administration degree continues to have wide recognition among students because holding a credential like this allows access to various career options. People already in the working environment but also students, frequently opt for the business path since it is multifaceted, ambitious and provides fascinating choices in the extremely competing world of business.

Business executives can often be directors, specialists in their areas or possessors of a regional business. Because of the outstanding education and learning that they acquire, graduates are prepared with the required tools to oversee day-to-day operations in the business community. In difficult times for the economy, like a recession, a qualified business man can still reach success and sustain economic security in the business world.


Career paths in business administration


For a degree owner, the business administration careers are copious. Regarding the possible career paths, the most typical of them are:

Human Resources: Being a human resource professional, the skill set acquired in business courses will help in the daily details of this position. Human resource specialists usually deal with filling job openings, as well as with job endings, interviewing candidates, and employing and educating fresh staff members. Business wisdom will be asked as the specialist attends to workers, supervises staff/disciplinary files and overlooks corporate welfare, such as retirement programs and insurance plans.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): A specially aspiring person with a business administration degree and many years in field, can reach the top position in an enterprise, being the chief executive officer. The benefits are glamorous, but also the responsibilities are many. Duties include, making the company thrive, developing plans of action and processes, and cooperating close with members of the board, to make sure that the company has a vision, prospers and reaches success.

Chief Information Officer (CIO): A similarly prestigious position is the head of information technology in a company. This title is mostly granted to the person in an organization in charge of the information technology and computer systems that offer support to the enterprise goals.


More career options


Retail Manager: A retail manager holding a business administration degree, will leverage the acquired knowledge to command tasks which may include, but are not limited to, overseeing a group of store employees, devising imaginative ways to sell products, organizing the inventory and dealing with customer issues. A retail manager has to be very familiar with the store's line of products and quite skilled in customer service. Business school should help prepare a retail manager for the marketing related projects and stock duties that might be needed.

Financial Analyst: Business administration graduates who opt for working in the financial field can acquire the knowledge and specific skills required to reach positions as financial analysts. Mutual funds/security firms, insurance companies and banking institutions are perfect for such a career. A financial analyst has to master stock market decisions, dealing with debt, investments, company mergers to prosper .

Event Manager: Be it a medical conference, a music festival, or a political rally has to be set up, somebody must take charge and get the job done! An event manager would have the skills gained in a business university to oversee this kind of event. Not only will the manager need to be attentive to detail and in comprehending what the client desires, he will also supervise the required vendor services and oversee the funds. The event manager will be participating in every critical facet of the setup, from advertising to paying bills if needed.




To sum up, a degree in business administration is an outstanding asset to have in your CV, particularly in this highly competitive era. The career options are infinite and the benefits very real. With a business administration degree, the sky is the limit!