The all new Galactic Disney Empire featuring the full Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars lineup.

      The Star Wars franchise (or Empire), has garnered George Lucas a solid place in Sci-fi geekdom everywhere. Like him or hate him, he has individually created a three decade financial windfall that Disney is banking on for future profits. The massive purchase of the Lucasfilm Ltd. For a staggering $4.05 billion (YES, Billion with a B) ticket is a gamble that could prove to create a long-term return on their investment. The franchise has steadily pumped out films, toys, video games, and animated films for television over the years, and there is no reason to expect less than a continued windfall for Disney as well.

      With Gorge Lucas bowing out of control over his cash cow, we can only speculate as to how this will affect the fans of the genre. What can this do for us? Well, for one, Lucas has always stated that there would no longer be any full feature releases on the big screen. Check that one off the list! One can only expect that the Galactic Disney Empire will pump out as many films as the public can stomach. The end result will definitely produce at least three more full length films, and we can only speculate as to how many animated series
will be licensed out. The marketplace for the Star Wars crossover possibilities will most likely also be tapped by Disney. We can expect to see Mickey Mouse vs. Donald Duck Lightsaber battles over Princess Minnie and droids R2-Dgoofy accompanied with C-3pluto adding to comic relief. I for one would love to see additional films, especially following the original trilogy, but I’m not so sure about the raucous Mickey/Minnie parodies.

      We can only hold our breaths in anticipation of the upcoming festivities. I for one cannot imagine Disney holding out too long for their first foray into the Sci-fi full features that has brought so much success to Lucasfilm Ltd. in the past. Hopefully when George Lucas cashes the check, Disney will have enough left over to give the future Star Wars development teams a budget befitting the stylistic CGI leviathans the past films have needed.