one piece - manga cartoon
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Until some months ago, I used to make fun of people who liked watching manga cartoons. I just couldn’t get the idea! For me it was kind of stupid to spend your time seeing ridiculous characters that speak in such a funny way. And the action – in my older vision - was a total nonsense.

I had several friends - most of them males - who seemed totally passionate about these series and at a certain point I got to the conclusion that some people will remain immature all their life. Seeing this manga stuff was the greatest proof!

But there comes a time when life gives us a lesson. That moment came for me when my boyfriend asked me if we can see manga series during dinner. Since he said that he wanted to share this with me, I find it difficult to refuse him…

In the beginning, I used to make fun of all characters and to focus on all the things that seemed stupid to me. One thing that I didn’t like was the aggressiveness that some of the manga display – I still don’t appreciate that very much.

But after some weeks I discovered that I got the disease!!! Oh my God!! I was I shock! I didn’t want to admit it even to myself but it was obvious – I started to love watching manga cartoons…

Well, when you get a new perspective the best thing is to accept it and take it like a new possibility. So, now I’m 100% OK with the fact of watching manga and I even discovered some valuable things one could learn from them.

I named the good things one can extract from these cartoons, "the manga principles".    

But beware! These are not reasons to become an addict – a small dose (1-2 episodes) once a day or from time to time it’s OK. Everything that’s used too much becomes destructive!


Manga’s first principle: do everything for a friend!

I don’t know if one should follow this principle in all situations – sometimes a friend just doesn’t want your help, so maybe it’s not a good idea to impose it. But they offer some references about friendship that are remarkable. Sometimes, we forget that at the basis we are part of a team – in our family, with our friends or colleagues – and we must support each other.

We are sometimes so caught up with our plans and ambitions that we put them above all. Well, manga teach us that the team and friendship is more important and I believe that by living with this principle in mind, reality turns into a lot nicer place.


Manga’s second principle: follow your passion no matter what

That’s another strong principle, especially for those who live their life in routine and nonsense.  It can make you gain a different perspective on life: have a dream, a great purpose and follow it no matter what effort will come in you way. Doing no matter what doesn’t include, though,  facts like: betraying friends and  team, cheating, stealing and so on.

It’s funny to notice that in the beginning of the series, the personage it’s not at all credible when speaking about his dream - he doesn't seem to have the right qualities to succeed. Then, he proves that he can learn and he stays focus no matter what and .in time, he gains more and more respectability. So, the idea is to live every day by keeping alive your passion - in your mind and your soul.


Third principle of manga: perseverance is more important than intelligence

Sometimes, the main characters in a manga don’t excel in their intelligence. Actually, you can say that they have moments when they seem absolutely stupid. Now, you don’t have to think like that: "OK, if I want success then I will copy those who have success". Acting like an idiot won't help you on your way. It just proves that you don't have to be perfect - it's better to accept yourself as you are and focus on what your dream.

Even if they are not the most intelligent ones, the heroes excel in one thing: their endurance. Once they have their purpose in mind, they are ready to work hard to turn it into reality.

This is a great lesson for all of us. Very often we live with the impression that we deserve things just because we are smart and special. And, usually we don’t get those things for these reasons.

Like the heroes of these cartoons, when we decide that we want something, we have to be ready to invest all the necessary effort and even more.


One other thing you can learn, even if it’s not a manga principle, it’s to have patience. Those who are manga fans know that some of these cartoons are "under construction", so you have to wait a whole week to see just one episode.

It’s not my purpose to make you watch manga cartoons or read manga books. You can spend you time in a better way and learn these principles from other source. But now you can have a wider view on this subject and you can understand a little better those people who are passionate about manga cartoons.


If you are curious and want to have a short insight of the manga world, watch this short movie.


All the best! :)