The question has always crossed my mind what causes mesothelimoa. We see all the comericals for it everyday if we watch TV or surf the web. From what I understand exposure to a form of asbestous is to blame. Working in certain industries can be to blame as well. Just to name a few; steel workers, shipyard workers, factory workers, and even mine workers.

One sad thing I found out about mesothelimoa is it can lay dormat and not show up for almost 50 years. Knowing this scares me and also another thing about it is you can have no syptoms at all, until you are bad off. Early diagnosis is so important when it comes to mesothelimoa. It can spread and the faster it is found the better chance you will have of survial.

There are some symptoms that may appear that could be a cause for alarm. If you have any tightness of the chest, and even a chorinc cough. I say we need to be informed for ourseleves and our families.

If you are diagnosed with mesothelimoa you may be able to receieve money because of your exposure to asbestous. That being said consulting an attorney is important as well because you could have medical bills paid and treatment paid for as well.

So after all this being said are there ways to prevent mesothelimoa? There are ways reduce your exposure to asbestos for sure. Think about this because it can be at your job, work, or school. If you live in a older home have a company come in to check and see if asbestos was used to build it. If so having it removed is a good move for you and your family. Buildings built before the 1980's would be homes that could be at a greater risk. This article was wrote only to share what I found out and by no means am I a doctor or lawyer. Being informed about mesothelimoa and it's causes can help all of us because people are being diagonsed every year with this terriable cancer. Feel free to leave comments on my article.