A trench coat is a great item to have on a rainy day. It is also great to wear during the Spring and Fall when you experience strong winds. The durability of the coat and the fact that it is usually water proof makes it ideal as a raincoat or one that you wear everyday. Since you will be wearing it so much, how do you pick what color to buy? Below are a few suggestions on choosing the right color.

First, when choosing the color, look through your own wardrobe. Do you tend to prefer lots of black and white? Are you monochromatic and only stick to the basic colors? Or, are you someone who loves to buy new colors for the season. Make sure the coat works well with the colors you have in your closet. Specifically, check your pants and trousers since they will stick out underneath the coat. You wouldn't want to be wearing a green coat with lots of navy or a bright yellow coat with lots of brown pants.

Next, understand what color looks best on your skin. Since the trench coat will cover you up to your knees or maybe a bit higher, people will only see your face and your coat. Understand what makes your skin look better. For darker skin women, usually bold colors look better and help brighten their skin. If you have darker skin, consider a red trench coat or a purple one. A bold color on a paler women is sometimes unflattering. Paler women should look for more neutral colors or pastels. Finally, both a white and a black trench coat look good on most women so if you don't want to choose a color, choose one of those.

After doing the above two things, step back and think about whether or not you want to add color to your wardrobe. Having one bright color trench that is different from your other wardrobe colors could do wonders to enhance your outfit. Since you will mostly be wearing the coat outside and not inside, you also won't have to wear it all day. Therefore, you can use a bright color such as yellow or green or red to brighten up your morning, and then leave it hanging until the end of the day. This way, you have the option. With trench coats, since you can take them off, you are less committed to having the color walk around with you all day. This means you can get away with more colors, especially when wearing it to the office since you will only stand out outside and not inside at work.

Finally, look at the colors that are hot for the season. Every season, designers come out with new colors to display. Sometimes, those colors will not come back for at least 5 years. Therefore, if you really love a certain color, consider buying the trench coat in that color. The coat will last you a very long time and the color will not be back that soon. Therefore, take advantage of the new season's colors when choosing your jacket.