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Full Review

Have you recently had problems with your Nintendo game console? We've discovered that many people have experienced power issues when there is a sudden power surge. Often times, these Nintendo game consoles are affected by power surges, even when they are plugged into power strips or adapters. After a recent storm, our wii was disabled. We wondered how we were going to even retrieve the Nintendo video games that were stuck inside since my son claimed the wii won't turn on. If you have kids or are an avid wii gamer yourself, you know this is a big problem!

When this happened to our wii system we left no stone unturned trying to resolve the issue. Searching online offered very few feasible options. Most advice was the console was fried and would need to be replaced. Some "experts" suggested taking the system apart … we weren't going to do that! The only other option seemed to be sending the entire game console in for servicing. Well, if it's not under warranty, the cost of shipping and servicing a wii console probably is more than replacing it in the first place. What do you do when your wii won't power on ? There is a simple solution and we've provided FREE information to get your system back up and running TODAY. Two minutes, no money and you'll be back to playing your favorite Nintendo video games .

We discovered a simple fix and now our wii is running as good as new. We've also written a detailed article providing everything you need to get your wii powered on and working. We've had thousands of people write to us telling us how this saved their game consoles and how grateful they were for the information. Don't replace your Nintendo wii until you've read our article and tried our 2 minute solution!

If your wii won't turn on we've got the solution. Fix it for FREE, right in your home, no tools required. You'll be amazed at how fast and simple the solution is. If you find our article helps you and your wii is powered back on, we'd love to hear from you! That's all we ask, no obligations, no money, nothing. We want to get this information into the hands of all the people who own Nintendo game consoles … this problem is widespread and so many people have no clue on how to resolve this issue. I can only imagine the number of consoles that were dumped into the trash because they were deemed "ruined". Please don't let this happen to you!

The simple way to resolve your problem is to reset the AC Adapter for your Nintendo wii.

  1. Unplug your wii AC adapter completely (this means both ends are unplugged).

  2. Leave the AC adapter unplugged for a FULL 2 minutes.

  3. Be sure to disconnect anything that is connected to the USB ports and GameCube ports.

  4. Wait 2 minutes and plug your AC adapter back into your wii console and then into a wall outlet (not a power strip).

This should reset our wii AC adapter and get your wii to power up immediately. We told you it would be easy!

In Closing

We're confident that we've found the solution that will help you save your Nintendo Video Games and Nintendo game consoles. We've helped thousands of people and we can help you too!