Are you a groovy tweeter or a dreadful bore?

Writing engaging content is key to success on twitter.

The first thing to remember about twitter is that there are millions of people tweeting back and forth daily.  To stand out you really need to achieve a few things that will make sure you're accepted by many other tweeters and they trust and respect what you have to say. 

Twitter is like word of mouth on a global scale!

Hard sell - If every time you saw someone on the street you tried to sell them your latest product they would soon be hiding in the nearest shop as soon as they caught a glimpse of you. 

Soft sell - If during your conversations you mentioned your product when it just happened to come up they would be more likely to either act on the information or pass it on to someone else. 

Social media should be exactly that "Social"

What tweets should i be posting then?

A range of tweets from these sections ensure a good mix and interesting conversations, making other tweeters more likely to remember you when they do need your goods or services. 

  • The weather/day/season or important date. 
  1. Just heard that the temperature is going over 25 tomorrow, time to get the shorts out!
  2. Cannot wait for the snow so i can get out with the camera.
  • Ask Questions
  1. Has anyone seen the forecast for Saturday?
  2. When does the new series of the office start?
  3. Really need a photographer for a friend's wedding, can anyone suggest a good one?
  • Give some thing away (competition)
  1. A free bottle of bubbly to be won in our Facebook competition, take a look here webpage

  2. Everyone that retweets one of our messages today will receive a 10% off voucher for use on our site. :)
  • Reply to other tweets
  1. Well done @goodperson for running the marathon, that is quite a feat.
  2. I love your website, so simply and easy to use.
  3. Wow how did you manage to get that personalised page?
  • Become a source of knowledge
  1. Find interesting article,s then link to them in your tweets
  2. Write some blogs about things that you find interesting, annoying or amazing
  3. Retweet other people's interesting information.

Finally you can pop in a couple of your own tweets about a special offer or new product. 

Social media should be fun, engaging and give you something back.  That also applies to the people who are conversing with you too.  Once you get the hang of it there will be no stopping you.  It is actually a little bit addictive!

Happy Tweeting.  :)

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