Convincing kids to eat healthy meals has been an ongoing struggle. Choosing an apple over a bag of chips or a salad over a cupcake is hard to do. Giving kids access to healthy foods is a great idea. 

At what price?

For many families across the U.S. the healthy lunch alternatives are too pricey. The cost of healthier foods is higher than the old processed foods that schools use to serve. Can we really put a price on our kids health? The answer is no, but what about the families who don't qualify for reduced lunches but still can't afford it? 

Kids are hungry.

The simple fact is everyone has different caloric needs. A highly active adult who weighs 160 pounds will need more calories than an adult who sits behind a desk all day and weighs the same. To add to the puzzle, kids are constantly growing and learning. They require quite a bit of fuel for their bodies to keep up. Many moms have been complaining that the new lunches are too small and limited. Their child comes home starving. I've even heard that a mom packed her child lunch because they needed more food. That day at school a lunch worker actually took part of her child's lunch. In my eyes, that is robbery. 

Healthy meals are a great idea. We should encourage kids to make healthy choices, but shoving them down their throat isn't the right way to go about it. Neither is letting kids starve. Their bodies need lots of calories to grow. If we want active kids, we have to feed them enough fuel to be active. Just as a car with low gas won't go far, neither will our children. 
Some solutions
Start a school garden or greenhouse to supply fresh produce. 
Get rid of the calorie cap
Use a fundraiser to help pay for lunches. 
Buy local foods.
Teach more about healthy habits instead of dictating.