Social Networking (29770)

Social Networking is a part of everybody's life. We have to keep up with the technological evolution and try not to get lost in the high speed moving world we live in. Things move fast, change fast and if you let yourself lost in the dynamics of life, you might just miss the chance to be happy.

But what drives us to get connected? What makes us stay in touch online and share our lives with millions of people? What is the "magic" of social networking platforms? What's their architecture and what spices do their creators use to make us "sign in"?

People are tempted to communicate behind a keyboard and monitor instead of being sincere in a face to face conversation. This is mostly applicable in the professional environment. In an email is easier to express the accurate idea and to put it all together in a well structured form. Face to face is difficult because you don't have time to choose your words and it's difficult to be explicit, formal and/or point proving.

But there's nothing social in an email. Social means more. See Facebook! People feel safe to share their private lives with their friends on a public networking platform. They join groups, engage in discutions, debates and share news, information and experiences. All this for appreciation, "likes" and feedback. It's a healthy environment, but is it right? Is this the path we socially must follow? Is it in our nature to replace the joy and excitement of a face to face conversation and experience exchange with a virtual space full of banners!? YES. I think this is the path we must take in order to evolve to the next step. Back in 1920 you were barely managing to contact five individuals per day to give them good/bad news or to inform them that something important is going to happen. Today you can reach five hundred people in a couple of seconds and have a feedback on your idea/info/message in a maximum of five minutes. All this, thanks to technology and, of course, Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook is the biggest social networking platform available on the Internet. They add new features almost monthly and provide application developer support for free. It's a very profitable marketplace for publishers and marketing people. Social media is a great place and if don't have a Facebook account you must get one, because your friends are already there and they are already talking about you(without you) and they probably are talking about you not having a Facebook account.

Other social media channels used by people to stay in touch are Twitter, hi5, MySpace, Netlog, Blogger and Wordpress. Yes, blogging is also a very strong and important social media component. The blog is like your private and intimate space where you can make the rules of conversation, speak free and communicate your passions. But blogging is not a "must". You can stay social without blogging.

See you on the social networks we share for sure right now(me writing and you reading).