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HUD works to ease this burden what do you have to do to qualify for HUD housing for millions of families across the US. Housing can be a challenging issue for families with low income, so it is important to explore the many factors of the qualification process in this article.


HUD works towards providing support and promoting ownership of affordable homes for families with low-income. As part of a larger network of agencies within the US Government, HUD also partners with community organizations to provide shelters to people that are in need of help. In the paragraphs that follow, we explore what you have to do to qualify for HUD housing:

How HUD Services work

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HUD services are aimed at helping families with low-income own homes. To effectively do this, HUD often works well with other organizations working in communities like Habitat for Humanity. Jointly with these organizations, HUD constructs comes for families in need. In addition, HUD gives money in the form of grants to agencies that construct homes for families with low income. Some of the homes constructed by HUD are constructed as relief homes after to provide shelter for families suffering from effects of natural disasters.

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HUD also provides services related to public housing. In this case, HUD provides housing for the homeless, war veterans and battered women along with their children. HUD does help with partial payment of rent for needy families through the government’s service to subsidize the cost of rent for renters. In this service, landlords who agree with Section 8 receive money vouchers as partial payment for rent. This allows more flexibility for renters so they can make decisions on where they want to live out of developments of HUD.

The basic requirements to qualify for HUD

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HUD housing services are made available for families and persons whose income is below a certain level. The eligibility of applicants is determined by administrative officers from the housing department. Decisions are based on an applicant’s yearly income (gross), eligibility as a family, their American citizenship or status of immigration and whether the applicant is a disabled or elderly person.

In addition, housing administrators check with the applicant’s personal referees to ensure that the applicant would make a good tenant what do you have to do to qualify for HUD housing. Should administrators establish that an applicant would be a problematic tenant the application is turned down.

Income restrictions for HUD Application

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In order to be eligible for financing by HUD, an applicant’s income must not be above a certain level.

Structures of income vary from one state to another, for instance medium level income in Florida would be considered to be low level income New York.

It is therefore advisable that HUD applicants confirm with administrators at housing department to find out their income level qualification what do you have to do to qualify for HUD housing. Also, income level qualification depends on the size of an applicant’s family. As at 2009, income levels for New York State considered an individual with an annual income of $ 26,900 as a low income. A four member family that earned $38,400 annually was considered low income as well.

Now, to be eligible for HUD housing for low income earners, an applicant should not earn more than 50% of Area Median Income (AMI) of where they live. AMI is basically the average income level of all persons living in an area, say your county. For instance, if your county’s AMI is $70,000, then your annual income should not exceed $35,000 to qualify for HUD. To know your area’s AIM, you may visit the US housing department’s website.

The process of applying for HUD

A person desiring to apply for HUD financing is required to write an application to the housing department. If the applicant is not in a position to write the application, he or she can seek assistance from housing administrators. In this case, the housing administrator will require the names of persons living in a unit, their relationship to the family’s head, dates when they were born, contact details of previous and current landlords, the family’s expected income for the coming year, a working current phone number and current address.

In addition, the housing administrator will also require the family’s employment and bank information to determine how finances are spent. There is a possibility that housing administrators could interview members of the family so as to know how payment of bills is done and establish the present state of the family’s home.

How HUD determines rental costs 

HUD has a way of determining how much it gives a family in terms of rental subsidies what do you have to do to qualify for HUD housing. The cost of rent is based on how much a family earns on an annual basis. From the gross annual income, all deductions like alimony or child support are made. Deductions made from an elderly person’s income are $400. Usually, the annual gross income is computed for any adult aged 18 and above who is working.

It is important to know that the amount of rent subsidized by HUD is based on an applicant’s income level. HUD pays anything below 30% of an applicant’s income up to a determined fair market rent. In the event that an applicant’s rent exceeds the fair market rate, then the applicant has to pay the difference. For instance, if an applicant’s monthly income is $3000, then 30% of their income is $900. In case the house they want to rent costs $1200, HUD’s rent voucher will pay $450 and the applicant has to raise $850.


It is possible to use HUD financing to pay for a home mortgage for first time home buyers. However, to be eligible, an applicant should have an annual income of at least $10,300 and should have been employed continuously for at least one year, except for disabled and elderly persons. Applicants must also take counselling courses on home ownership what do you have to do to qualify for HUD housing.