When most people started to write, they just wrote about things they enjoyed doing. Some people started writing about food and cooking because they seemed to find it easy and couldn't get enough of food. Some amateur writers wrote about their hobbies. There are those who wrote about their children as a way to unwind after a busy day. Other writers wrote about the way they felt and saw the world around them. Back then, those writers just did it for the love of the game. They wanted to share their thoughts with themselves and with others. Those times are long gone. Why? Those writers took their passion to a new level and started to get paid to do what they love. The problem with that is, you eventually lose your way and that can take the fun out of writing. Take for example the days when bloggers just wrote because it was a form of self expression. They didn't have to worry about keywords or what is now commonly known as SEO writings. You had no timetable and no pressure to write. You just wrote what felt easy and stimulating.

Today, you become more worried about getting views and monetization than actually writing what feels natural to you. Adsense and other online money making mechanism have turned online writers into word drones. Every written word seems to have a $ sign where the "W" for writing used to be. That might sound ironic but the reality is that writers stop thinking about content and writing quality articles. They write for the sake of writing and they keep their eyes on the money. This can be compared to what happed to journalism. Could you still remember when news used to be factual? That was a long time ago. In today's journalistic celebrity oriented writing world, people write for the sake of it. They get the word out there and are not bothered about the integrity of the information. The readers of today have also been conditioned to consume without asking questions. The readers believe everything and want more. News and journalism is now about the latest gadgets, the celebrity with the transparent dress or the star that is caught red handed doing unholy things.

You could say that writers have adjusted to modern times. You no longer write what you like but write what it takes to keep your job or get more clicks. Most writers are now businesslike and look at writing from a totally different perspective. Writing is an art and always has been. However, it is now a business and what you write about is no longer yours. Can you blame writers for deviating from the core of the matter? You could but it will get you nowhere. The truth of the issue is simple; you do what it takes to keep writing. At the moment, SEO writing rules and that is what it takes to be successful. As with everything in the world, a time will come when SEO writing will become irrelevant. When that time comes, writers will learn to adapt as they have always done.