What is SEO

Google Page Rank

Two years ago somebody mentioned the term SEO to me and I had no idea what they were talking about. I thought, what does SEO stand for? I  played along with the conversation then ran to Google to figure out what this stood for and how it affects me.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Ok so what does that mean? Search Engine Optimization involves a class of techniques used to make websites and web pages appear higher in the list of search engine results.

Why would someone want SEO? Well as it turns out, Internet users tend to click on the first few websites given to them in a list of relevant websites. The more people that click on your website the more visibility you have and ultimately the more money you will make as a website owner.

Let's look at an example. Say you want to learn about scrapbooking. It's likely you will turn to the internet and use Google to search the term scrapbooking. Google has indexed or read millions of pages with the subject scrapbooking. Google's role is to return a list of relevant results to you, the most relevant being at the top of the list and the less relevant websites further down the list.

Now imagine you found a great love for scrapbooking and wanted to launch your own scrapbooking website. You find a developer and pour your heart and soul into creating an awesome scrapbooking website. Next you launch your website on the Internet and start to monitor your website traffic or "how many people visit your website". To your dismay only you and a few robotic spammers visit your website.

Why is this? You created the best scrapbooking website ever made and nobody visits. It's time for SEO. Chances are that Google knows about your website, but you are search result 2,984. People aren't likely to find your website if it is on page 200.

What should you do? There are a ton of techniques used to get to the front page of Google and the field of SEO changes every day, The best thing to do is continue to offer great content to your website visitors and promote your website through social media, friends, word of mouth. Check your website rank every few months and see how it goes.

If you are not moving up in rank it may be time to call in the big guns. Today there seems to be an SEO firm on every corner. .These firms will probably rewrite some parts of your website, suggest articles to write and also provide backlinks for you. In my next article I will discuss backlinks.

Interview a few SEO firms and see what they have to offer. SEO services generally cost between $500 - $1500 per month and progress may be slow. Think of it as an investment. Imagine how much money you can make selling scrapbooking products when you finally reach the top of Google.

what does seo stand for