We humans like to think that evil has a face or a persona. Satan was created so that people can differentiate the differences between good and evil. This was used a lot in books and stories from many different cultures and the like. We like to think Satan is a horned creature with hooves and carries around a pitchfork planning what evil he shall bring to us humans.

In the bible Satan was an angel who was the greatest of all angels and the most powerful. Knowing this Satan’s ego and pride became large and convinced himself and some angels to take the throne from God. God found out and punished Satan and his cohorts and sent them to the depths of Hell.

Personally, I believe that there is no way to know what Satan looks like. Like God he has no face or body, but yet we know they exist at least spiritually.

We like to think people who commit heinous crimes as having the devil inside them. What makes them commit these crimes and why. I mean does Satan show himself to the individual and tell him/her to do his bidding? Who knows, as humans we have the capacity to create as well as destroy things as well as each other.

What does Satan look like? Does he look like a handsome man wearing expensive Italian suits with women on his arm everywhere he goes? Does he live a fine luxurious life? We cannot fathom what he or she would look like. Just like God we cannot know what he or she would look like. We intend try to make a mental image of the person just like the painters who painted religious paintings. Paintings that include Satan come in a huge variety from hideous monster to a perfect angel.

I believe that in order to know how Satan looks like we would just have to look in the mirror. You see like I said earlier we have the capacity to create beautiful things and we also have the power to destroy and kill when need be. We all have a little of God and Satan within us all. The problem is that at times we let it out of our cage every now and then.

So when they say “What does Satan Look Like?” all you have to show them is their image in the mirror.