If you’ve ever really wondered about what a $3,000 dollar car looks like. Well look no farther, Nissan is reviving the Datsun.

And if you’re looking for this car in the US, well keep looking because Datsun has no plans on launching this car in the US right now.

However, Nissan does allude to the fact that there will be at least 7 versions of this car.

And as of Nissan’s 10/2/12 early morning press release, It’s no frills, its practical, but is it really safe? In the Datsun $3000 revival everything seems to be extra and I mean everything.

Perhaps it’s a marketing ploy to sell a cheap $5000-$8000 dollar car, because after it’s all said and done, don’t you want a new car to come with automatic windows and maybe even an automatic transmission or how about airbags for your passengers? (None of which is standard in the new Nissan). Or maybe this cheap no frills new car is just what the sluggish economy ordered.

3,000 Nissan DatsunCredit: Nissan

So what do you potentially get for a No Frills Datsun?

2-Cylinders Engine:  Hey for a couple of thousand bucks, don’t expect an engine with tons of power. What you’ll get is a small 2 cylinder engine, like a motorcycle or jetski.

The average car on the road boasts at least 4-cylinders. But hey, who really needs power in an engine with a new car you could probably pay cash for right off the show room floor.

Manual Pump Breaks:  This option sounds a little scary at first read. Consider the fact that your typical car on the road today has anti-lock, stability control brakes. One study even pointed to the fact that anti-lock stability control brakes can reduce a crash rate by nearly 6%.

Rear and Driver Side Mirrors: Ok, so do you really need to look at yourself in a vanity mirror? Does your passenger? Good because standard, no one fixes their make- up and hair for three grand. In this new cheap Datsun, you’ll get rear and driver side mirrors only. No word yet on if they are automatic or not.

Air Bags- None for the Passenger:  No air bags for the passenger. That’s not great if you have people you’d like to drive around and you love them a lot. So in a no frills Datsun, there potentially is only one air bag. In the US, the D.O.T and other important agencies site the fact that nearly 30,000 lives were saved in all 2009 crashes. So they are important for sure. A standard US automobile has front, rear and side air bags.

Roll Down Windows: Like mentioned previously, this is a no frills car. So you’ll need to roll down your own windows. Maybe the amount of time driving this car can get you those slim arms you’ve always wanted anyway. Obviously the average car on the road today allows for automatic controls.

Interior Panel Road Noise: Ok, you’ll have to deal with a little road noise in this new revival Datsun. The panels are thinner and snap into place. But again it saves on the overall production cost of the car and guess what, less money you pay at the dealer.

Nosier Muffler: No One likes a noisy muffler. No one wants to know you’re outside just by the loud noises coming from your infamous $3,000 dollar car, but for 3k, you probably don’t really care either. Who needs advanced acoustic vibration controls, when you’re in a recession?

We’ll definitely see how this car shapes out, when it heads for US distribution. As you know, the release is started outside of the US., but typically an international release spawns a domestic one with a little tweaks and changes.

 Are you interested in a revived Datsun that’s between $3000-$5000 dollars? Any options where you wouldn’t skimp on?