Skunks are scavengers so that means that they will pretty much eat anything that resembles food to them. Since they are scavengers they will not think twice before coming to your house or home to dine on whatever you have left out for them.

Below is a list of a skunks top 6 favorite foods. If you have any of these things readily available around your house, you may consider getting rid of them if you're currently having skunk issues in your area. Doing this can help deter the skunk from visiting your house and/or returning to it on future visits. Remember, if a skunk feels that food is available at your home, he will return frequently (whether there is food available or not) to look for a meal.

Garbage – Skunks love garbage and will be more than happy to make your last meal it's new dinner. Think your trash was eaten and spread across your yard by dogs or raccoons? Maybe you should think again!

Pet Food – Do you leave food out for your pets, neighborhood animals, or for the wildlife (birds, deer, etc.)? Well the local skunks may think you're leaving it out for them and will gladly take the meal you're giving them and will remember your house as the one with the free food.

Nuts, Berries, and Fruits – This is a little harder to control, because if you're growing food for yourself, then you also are growing it for everything else…including skunks because this is their absolute favorite food.

Compost Piles – Do you go green by making your own compost pile? If so, you may want to go and re-check everything to make sure it's not easily accessible by your local skunk. This is especially true if you dispose of table scraps, discarded fruit, etc. in your compost pile.

Bird Feeders – Think you're just feeding the birds and squirrels with your bird seed? Skunks will happily eat on the nutritious seeds that are in your bird feeder. Also don't think you're safe just because your bird feeder is suspended above the ground because if the birds knock any bird seed onto the ground the skunk will be the first to get it.

Bugs – If your back yard has a large supply of bugs, larvae, and insects then the skunk will definitely return to your house to get that meal. Interestingly enough, bugs are full of nutrients and skunks know this, so if they are hungry you'd better believe they will go to your yard to dine of some of the bugs.