Every parent believes they are the best and always have the best interest of their children at heart. We all believe that the way a child turns out always reflects on the kind of parenting that was used on them. We have often seen kinds misbehaving and the first thing that comes in mind is “doesn’t his parents teach him any manners?” at the end of the day there are very many factors that help shape up a child into the person he becomes.

Such factors include friends, environment, all the elderly around and the most crucial one is parenting. Everyone has a different definition of what good parenting is. For some parents it is diplomacy, while for others it is ruling with an iron fist. Whichever way you prefer provided your child turns out great, then that is good parenting.

If you feel that you need a hand here are some tips that can help you out and turn you into the parent you would want to be. As a parent you need to understand that you are your child’s first teacher. You should know that what you do matters because they pick up a lot of habits from you. Your children are constantly watching you and they believe that their parents are always right so be very careful what you do and say around them.

You should know that you are a parent and not your children’s friend. You should not be ‘too loving’ because this will result into things like leniency and your child will easily manipulate you into letting mistakes go. Put down some rules and make sure they understand why they are there and what will happen if they break them this will help you establish a line of discipline.

A mistake that most parents make is not being involved in their children’s lives. You should be involved in you children’s life. But this does not mean that you should be doing their homework. You should find time to spend with your children and that will help you bond and understand what he/she needs. It will help you track of your child’s development. Set limits as this will help your child have a sense of self-control.

All children are different and therefore parent skills may vary from one to the next. At the end of the day your aim is to raise a child that will grow up to be a fine and responsible young man or woman.