10 Things every Christian should know about Jesus


1. He is the son of God

He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born while his mother was still a virgin. ( Mathew 1;20-25)

He was truly God's son. He was born with no human Father.

He was God's son. Not a prophet, or just a wise man, but the true Son of God.

2.He lived a human life, but without sin

(Hebrews 4.15) He went through childhood, teenage years, and into adulthood with all the same temptations and challenges that other people have. He never sinned. He felt emotions, felt pain, and formed attachments to people, just like we do. But he never, ever, did anything outside of the will of God.

3. .History proves that he lived

There is as much evidence as there is for the existence of anyone else from a similar era. Ceaser, for example. He definitely lived.

4.He enabled us to do all that he did.

Jesus sent his disciples out to heal the sick, cast out devils, and teach just as they had seen him do. He told them they could do what he did     (John 14:12)

We have Christ within us, which gives us all the power that he had.

5. He died as the sacrifice for our sins

. There is no condemnation to us, when we are in Christ.( Romans 8.1) we will err at times, we will step outside of God's will, because unlike Christ we are not perfect. But we are righteous in God's eyes. We do not have to pay a penalty for sin, because Jesus paid it for us.

6. When he rose again, he defeated death

This means two things for us. Firstly it means eternal life. (Romans 10.10) We will live forever. Secondly it means we live a better life. (John 10.10)

7. He is the head of the church

The church is the body of Christ. Whoever your human leaders are, wherever you go to worship, Christ is the head. God has put him in that postion.

8. He will return and he will judge us.

God will not judge us himself, but has given that job to Christ, who will come back, in God's own time, to call us to him. You can read all about this era to come in the book of Revelation.

9. He is the way to God; it is in his name that we should pray

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ. We are who we are because of what he did. He promised that when we ask in his name it will be done (John 14.13)

10. Every knee will bow to him. God has put all things under him

He is Lord of lords, king of kings.... those who don't recognise that now will one day have to do so. God has placed him in authority over absolutely everything. ‘At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow’

Think what that means for us who have Christ within.

God bless,