The most common reason for purchasing a gaming mouse and mouse pad is to improve your gaming experience and also to boost your control, giving you an advantage in online games. Finding the right gaming pad to back up your mouse will give you that edge.

In this article we are going to look at a couple of mouse pads, each with different features along with a different price. I would recommend for you to try and match your requirements to the attributes these mouse pads offer you.


The Razor Vespula is a hard, medium sized gamer mouse pad which measures 11.8 x 9.4 x .2 inches.

The attribute which defines the Vespula is it's 2 sides. The first side is really a speed side while the alternative one is a control side. This is fundamentally controlled with friction, the high speed side having less friction than the control side. If you are likely to play games where sizeable rapid movements are important, you may like the fast side (first person shooter games) and if you prefer games where smaller specific movements are essential, you'll be using the control side more.

The Vespula includes a removable hand rest. The hand rest contains a gel that allows it to change shape to more comfortably support your wrist, this helps with tiredness during long gaming sessions. It's quite a nice feature and most of the mouse pad's owners do use the hand rest. However if you go to a LAN party, you may want to leave the rest at home.

The Vespula is constructed out of painted plastic, while some of it's competing high-end gaming pads are made of aluminum. When compared with those pads the Vespula is simpler to clean and quieter to make use of. However it is also less tough than the metal pads. The overall performance of the metal pads is often impacted by heat and they tend to pick up oil from the owner's hands. Mostly gamers that have owned both types recommend the Vespula over the metal options.

The largest disadvantage to the gaming mouse pad is it's height. If you have a big mouse for gamers moving from side to side is simple, however the up and down movement may be cramped.

The bottom line with the Vespula is the fact that it's not low-priced at 30 dollars. Therefore, the question is: Is it worth it? In my opinion it makes a substantial difference to your game play, with out a good pad you're simply not getting the most from your gamer mouse.

SteelSeries SX Mouse Pad

The SteelSeries SX is an really smooth mouse pad created from coated aluminum. The bottom of the mouse pad is manufactured out of rubber which means it will not move around and in addition it dampens the noise. The SX 's dimensions are 11 x 13 x .6 inches and it weighs 1.4 pounds.

The SteelSeries company is renowned for making functional straightforward products with no unnecessary features and the SX is no different.

The main feature of the SteelSeries SX is it's durability the top is extremely resistant to degrading and even after using it for months flaws are almost non existent.

The SteelSeries SX, retailing at $50 is among the most expensive product of it's type available on the market, the price is however justified by the manufacturing costs with regards to time and materials.

The SX is quite light on the wrist. All of the edges on the SX have been filed down and so are grate free, what this means is that you can not hurt your wrist on minor flaws within the mat.

If you combine this mouse pad with the best gaming mouse 2010 you have a winning combination.

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