Smoking is a very dangerous addiction and most people do not realize the intensity of damage that smoking cause to our body. Many people cannot escape from this life threatening addiction. It has extremely bad effect on your mental and physical health. Initially people start smoking as an occasional activity during hanging out with friends but gradually it traps you and you become an addict. Now a question may arise in your mind that what happens when you smoke too many cigarettes. There are many carcinogenic elements in cigarette smoke, which severely shake your mental and physical health.


It is very clear if you analyze the statistics, most common cause of lung cancer is smoking. If you smoke twenty cigarettes a day you are in high-risk group for lung cancer.  Many women become victim of lung cancer because they are passive smokers; these women do not smoke cigarettes but are exposed to cigarette smoke. Too many cigarettes can cause many diseases other than lung cancer. One of the common observations is that heart attacks and smoking are interrelated. If you are a chain smoker, gradually your blood vessels constrict and become stiff. If this condition persists for a longer period, it puts extra pressure on heart and can fatigue heart muscles.


Smoking can also provoke gastric problems; one of the most common problem is peptic ulcer. Different chemicals present in cigarette smoke can badly damage the stomach lining which can wound the stomach walls. In this condition, a person will feel severe pain and acidity in stomach. You loose you appetite and can not digest food properly. Cigarette smoke has such chemicals that can provoke many allergic reactions. People develop asthma and other breathing disorders like bronchitis and cough. It also blocks your body’s natural Neuro transmitters and you become a smoking addict. Persistent smoking can gradually damage your memory and can cause anxiety. Smoking too many cigarettes not only has hazardous effects on your health but also risk the health of your colleagues and family members. It is observed that children of smokers are more vulnerable to chest infections and other breathing disorders.


Women have adverse effect of chain smoking on their health. Chain smoker women suffer irregularity in menstrual cycle and suffer from depression and anxiety attacks. Under such circumstances, they tend to smoke more cigarettes that make their condition even more pathetic. Pregnant women should refrain from smoking as it can damage placenta and fetus. Carbon monoxide, which is a part of cigarette smoke, can reduce oxygen percentage in blood and low oxygen supply can damage brain development of fetus. Smoker mothers are at high risk of having children with embryonic abnormalities and stillbirths.


Once you realize the health risks attached with smoking you will definitely try to quit this bad habit. Many rehabilitations centers provide proper guidelines that help you. You can follow systematic plan, which will help you to over come the desire of smoking.  You should not waste your money to damage yourself. Smoking is a silent killer that gradually consumes your life and drags you to the altar of death.