education for me...

I think I should better keep on writing now so as words can just freely flow into my hands and so that I could just liberate the thoughts that were kept jailed inside my mind patiently waiting for me to start doing something to emancipate them and give what is due for this beautiful and touching question.

First things first, since I was a child my parents already instilled in me the importance of education and from then on, I had already developed the desire not just to learn but to excel in everything that I do most especially when it concerns my academic standing. I wasn’t really a great student or the number one in our class. But, I graduated elementary, high school and college with honors. I don’t need to elaborate further on my awards since those are not my primary concerns in this article. Nonetheless, I should put it into record, that with the help of education, I learned a lot of things. But, most especially I learned something which I can’t get from just staying inside our home, and it’s being passionate about learning. Yes, the very core importance of education is its way of influencing you to continue on learning since education is a lifelong process. Without a constant interest to educate yourself, then you would most probably end up living an empty life, or can it still be called life anyway?

The importance of education is just really vast and unfathomable that I cannot put it all into words. I am lucky enough to be given the chance to study from prestigious schools in our country. With my life as a kindergarten, I learned simple directions such as stop, look and listen. If I didn’t know from that early age what those directions meant, then I would had probably been sideswiped as I crossed the street on my way home from school. With my life as a grade school student, I learned to write essays, which later on I found out that I am good at with the affirmation, as well from my teachers. When I was in high school, I took my skills in writing to a higher level and my passion for it just continued to flourish. Moreover, when I reached college, I learned a different, deeper, more mature and more serious approach in learning. I learned to pay more attention to my studies since my life after college can be dependent upon my grades.

Finally, when I earned my diploma, my silver medal and my license as a nurse, I realized that education can really be your savior from the bitterness and tough world after college, the so-called, “real life.” With the economic status of our country and the rate of unemployment especially for us nurses, I found refuge from my early passion --- writing. If not for my quality education, I would have been unemployed up to now. It is just ironic how I went through life learning about my course, but I ended up having a job as a writer. Again, I would like to thank my education for this. It momentarily saved me from being broke and unhappy. Before I forgot, I should also say that with education, I learned that in the country where I am living, it doesn’t really matter what you know or what you had accomplished with your studies; it doesn’t matter whether you graduated magna cum laude, you topped the board exam or if you graduated last on your batch. What matters most here in our country are the people that you know and the connections that you have, because ‘they’ and not ‘you’ or your ‘accomplishments’ can help you land a job that is in line with your field.