I remember all too well growing up when the fancier cars had carpet on the floors, but the lesser spendy ones just had a metal floor. We could trot down to K-Mart or Woolworths and pick up a set of black imitation rubber mats ( one size fits all ) and at least protect the interior floor a little bit. They were handy in that you could yank them out, hose them off, and start all over again!

Nowdays, these custom floor mats come in all shapes and sizes, and are made out of vinyl, rubber, nylon, carpet, and more. Some come with lipped edges to keep the winter mess or spills contained within the mat. Pretty slick trick! They can be ordered to exact fit your vehilce, and in some brands actually cover better than the factory mat.

Floor mats now are available in virtually every color imaginable, and most with a logo decoration of some sort. You can emblazen your college, favorite sports team, car make, or racing team on them. You can do them up with animal, camouflage, hunting, fishing, religious, or patriotic images. You can do Cherries or Fairies, Skulls or Dragons, Flames or Devils, Peace Signs or Maltese Crosses, Jeeps or John Deeres, and Superman or Supergirl! There are mats in the shape of Hawaiian Shirts, Women's Skirts, and Flip Flops. It's all out there!

In conjunction with the advancements in Floor Matting, they have also extended this into the back of our vehicles ( primarily Vans & SUVs ) with these Cargo Management Systems. Similar in composition, they are built to keep all of your cargo and gear together and protected. They help keep things from tipping over that you don't want to, or that might spill. And they just plain make the whole hauling process simpler and easier. Nothing wrong with that.

So if your old mats have seen better days, or you are just wanting to spruce up the old wagon, you should check out the floor mat webstores. There are a mountain of floor mats to choose from. I'm certain you're going to find just the right fit for you!