Now that we are just a few days away from the PS Vita launch in Japan, let us not forget that the Nintendo 3DS didn't do too well when it launched at the early part of this year and when that happened Nintendo had to lower the price of the 3DS to be able to sell more of their portables to the consumers and gain back their market share. While there are people who blamed the poor performance on lack of games on the portable there others who blamed it all on the insurgence of new and powerful mobile phones that seem to have taken over the market of late.


playstation vita(68896)Credit: Sony

The future of dedicated handheld console is not looking too bright at the moment and judging by the rapid growth of the mobile phone market it looks like the fate of dedicated handhelds will depend largely on the success of the PlayStation Vita when it launches this December in Japan and in the US, EU and other countries later next year.


ps vitaCredit: sony

Now that the IPhone 4S has been released to the market and the Google Nexus phone has already been shown to the public it will really be interesting to see how the PS Vita does in the coming months. I for one will love to see it do well so that come next generation it can be improved upon and made to be even more powerful than what we have today. But as we know it that depends on how much of the consoles can be sold to the consumers within the shortest possible time. One way or the other the console makers just have to find a way to get the consumers excited enough to move the consoles off the shelf when they arrive or watch them gather dust till thy kingdom come. 

playstation vita(68897)Credit: Sony


Sony has done a lot to prove to the consumers that the PS Vita will be more than capable to meet all their gaming needs. And If you consider all that they have done in the last few years to bring out a system that is this powerful (capable of games that are almost PS3 like in visual quality and game-play) and what they are still doing to improve the quality of games that are coming out on the PS Vita, you will agree with me that the PS Vita is obviously the last hope for dedicated handheld gaming consoles. It is the only thing out there that has giving hope to portable console gamers that they can still juggle about their portable consoles and forget that the mobile phones are taking over.



My fear is that at the rate at which technology is improving mobile phones will soon catch up with what we have on portable consoles of today and if that happens they could completely take over the market from the once dormant portable consoles. The only way to stop this from happening is for gamers to go out and buy the PS Vita when it launches. The support they give to the console will determine how successful it will become in the long run and still give room for the devices to play their role in the rapidly growing market of mobile devices that have come to be part of our daily life in this new age.