ASMR, stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Most people have no idea what this is even though many of you may experience it from time to time. Basically, it is a sensation usually felt first in the head or scalp and can also be felt in the neck, spine and sometimes all the way down the body.

I had no idea what it was until I stumbled across some videos on you Tube with various titles ending in the tag ASMR. This sensation is usually triggered by some kind of soothing activity. For me it is triggered by soothing voices and sometimes somebody's movement. If I hear a very relaxed and calm voice with certain overtones it triggers this exquisitely pleasant sensation in my head that is so relaxing it is almost addictive.

For me personally voices do it and I very rarely feel this sensation from any other sound. You will find though that many people are responsive to crumpling sounds such as paper being screwed up. Other more strange triggers can be nail tapping, the sound of a brush going through somebody's hair, balls being dropped and many other strange activities.

If you want to understand the whole process of ASMR there is a problem because it has not really been studied in depth yet. I don't really worry about that because I just enjoy it so much! I find it very useful in the evenings to put on my headphones and listen to various people talking. I do not actively seek out ASMR videos as I find my specific preferences in people's voices are quite odd. Two very otherwise boring members of Parliament, John Redwood and Vince Cable trigger this in me! I imagine most people find their voices very tedious and annoying but for me they are very soothing.

The same voice over and over though wears thin in the end and I then seek a new stimulus via a new voice. I would advise trying this out before you have to do something where quick reflexes and concentration required such as driving a car or operating machinery. But is very useful if you suffer from insomnia which I have in the past or other forms of stress. I used to turn to various substances in order to overcome stress and help me sleep but they all have their side effects. The great thing about a natural distress relieving approach, is that it has no side effects and in my case is free. If you have never experienced such a sensation then I suggest you go and have a search for some videos tagged with ASMR and see how you go.

Some people suggest that you wear headphones but I have found that certain voices are best without headphones and some are better with them on. Just experiment and see what works for you. Also, for me personally the volume mustn't be too high because the force of the voice takes away from the soothing aspect. Apart from voices, I usually get this sensation when I go to the barbers and I believe that some people also get it when they have their head shampooed or massaged gently. It is more than just feeling relaxed. It is an actual sensation in the head, a physical and very pleasurable sensation. It is different to hypnotism as you can still remain fully conscious.

If you have sleeping difficulties, addictions because of trying to relieve personal stress, or just a feeling of unease especially in the evenings, then try to tap in to your potential for this experience as it will really help you.

ASMR Video with soothing voice