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Is it possible for gift cards no activation fees promos to exist in our modern times where there is quite a lot of financial upsurges? The answer is a big yes. For many gift card providers, there are neither transaction charges nor any service fees. And there’s a seven year expiration even! Another marketing strategy in these times where instead of giving rewards is often preferable rather they take those unnecessary charges off. But what are gift cards? And what companies offer these?



Many are sick and tired of paying fees for almost everything they buy. It appears that everything we use in life comes with a fee even those we didn’t even know why it’s there for. Try checking your utility bill then you’ll get what the former sentence meant. Worst gets worse, people across the globe pay activation fees for gift cards of many sorts. Anyhow, this is one of the objectives of this article. We try to look for places where gift cards no activation fees are.

Maintenance and Invisibility Gift Card Fees

Firstly, are gift card no activation fees really existent? In an article about top outrageous fees, gift card activation fees got the number 18 spot. They found out about the following: an activation fee of $9.95 for Good2Go Prepaid MasterCard, and $25 dormancy fee for 6 months for iCard Visa Gift Card. And they call these gift cards no activation fees! Where’s the gift part?

But somehow, there still are popular gift cards with negative activation fees, maintenance or dormancy fees. Let’s see the list below:

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1. has no fee Visa gift card where they only require a small fee for purchasing a personalized card but no monthly and annual fees or even maintenance fees.

2.       Target cards are another type where you only pay for a small shipping fee for ordering online. Other than that no additional fees are charged when you purchase them at your local Target store.

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3.       Wal-Mart gift cards offer no maintenance or activation fees as well. Like the Target cards, you only pay for the shipping of your personalized cards. And because there are Wal-mart stores in almost all the US, the card is very useful.

4.       For the Christmas season, department store cards are often free and a great choice in shopping.

No Fee Gift Cards from Big Credit Card Companies

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A gift card is said to be the most common holiday gifts and the most demanded gift to millions of people. One of the best reasons why it’s the likeable gift is because the receiver gets to choose where and when to use it. Anyway, without further a-do, here are the two known gift cards no activation fees.

1. Visa Gift Cards – the latest no fee Visa gift card was just released where there are no more monthly fees of any sort and no maintenance nor annual fees at all. You would just have to buy yourself or your gift recipient a Visa gift card. You are not only getting the perfect gift for your money, you’ll also have a peace of mind. No more fees of what sort and very hassle free especially during the holiday season. Now’s the best time to buy! Each of the cards even has designs with a high quality, personalized greeting card as an added feature to it. All the hassle you could ever have is to choose you own design, write your own message inside and send it! Perfect not only for the holidays but also for different major occasions.

2.       American Express No Fee Gift Cards – it is the reliable source for great gift cards accessible to almost anywhere in the world. May it be for personal, business gifts and as incentives, these gift cards are close to perfect. They even have amazing shipping and delivery deals arrangements especially during the holidays. Lately, they even announced their no expiration gift cards. There are even no fees charged after purchasing the card. No monthly fees and no dormancy fees.


Like all other gift cards, the Visa and American Express gift cards have a small reasonable shipping (and handling) fee. However, both cards above-mentioned have no further fees.

Frequently asked questions on Gift Cards No Activation Fees

What are the different load values for these gift cards? The MasterCard or Visa Debit Gift Card including the American Express load values varies from $25, $50, $75, $100, $200, $500, $1000, $1500,$2000and$3000. They have no annual fees, no transaction fees and offer a 7-year no expiration offer. Your prepaid debit gift card arrives around 2 business days after processing credit card payment.

Are there service fees subtracted from gift cards? Depending on the gift card provider and under Card Act Compliant, there are no service or transaction fees and the gift cards terminate in 7 years.

 Where can these cards be used? Anywhere in the world, as long as there are merchant stores that accept these cards except at casino sites, adult websites, money gram services, other bill payments and PayPal accounts. With the ATM Visa and MasterCard Gift Card, anywhere where the Cirrus and Interlink logo is displayed, you can withdraw cash. However, these can only be delivered for free in the United States for security purposes only.

Can the user of the Gift Card include his company’s name and logo? 

Yes. Several gift card suppliers allow you to add a photo or commercial versions such as company name and logo. With an iPhone, you can even design your own card.

What is Really Great in Gift Cards No Activation Fees?

Gift cards are a great advertising instrument. They are the third most popular gift item on the consumers’ list especially during the holiday season. Electronic gift cards are an essential clash in the business world; probably it is time you consider gift cards. Moreover, gift cards are a business tool that can be used in many ways throughout the year.


According to the National Retail Federation, during holidays, gift cards are gigantic. Two-thirds of consumers will buy gift cards as presents for the holidays. Around 52.3% would love to have a gift card as a gift. About 15.6% of consumer’s holiday budget will be spent on gift cards. Nowadays, especially in the business world, Gift Cards No Activation Fees is a craze especially during the holiday season. So why be the last to have one?