AdWare And How It Can Affect You

Adware is a computer application or software that shows advertisements on your computer after it has been downloaded and installed. The advertisements come in different forms ranging from non invasive banners or pop-ups in a program to very annoying invasive pop-up windows that show up whether you are doing something on the foreground or not.

You will normally download Adware without your knowledge as most people would now knowingly install Adware to be bogged down by advertisements whenever they use their computer. To get into your computer, the Adware usually camouflages itself in other programs that you download. For instance, many freeware programs come packaged with Adware software, resulting in Adware being installed simultaneously with your freeware. Whenever you open the freeware program, the Adware also opens and starts to create and deliver adverts on your PC screen.

Companies that design freeware programs use Adware to generate revenue and support their products. The companies, other advertising companies, and other websites pay the marketers of the freeware to show their adverts as a part of the software

Adware may at times monitor your computer habits and the sites you are visiting to come up with a user profile. The user profile is used to customize adverts that will be shown on your desktop that suit your tastes. Adware becomes dangerous when the information that is collected on consumers is sold to third parties. The user's agreement may explain what the Adware is monitoring and how it will be used, but often times it may not.

If you have ever downloaded a program from the internet, you have probably fallen victim to adware. Adware is basically a form of software that automatically advertises sponsoring companies while you are using the program, either by opening multiple ad windows, or by displaying ads in the sidebars of the program while it is open. In most cases, adware is harmless to your computer, but in some cases it may be bundled with spyware, which can monitor your personal information.

While adware may be an inconvenience to the program user, it is often the best way for the provider to make the software you download affordable, or even free. The adware software will usually take note of which websites you visit most often, and the products you look at, and then present ads that are relevant to your personal interests. Every time a software user clicks on one of these ads, the software provider makes a small profit, which over time multiplies to pay for the cost of providing the software to you.

If you want to avoid adware and the possibility of spyware as well, you can expect to pay a bit more for the program you want. Usually by entering a product key or license number, your purchase will be registered, and the profit gained from adware will no longer be necessary. Hence, the ads will disappear and you will not run the risk of being monitored by adware nor spyware that would otherwise be bundled with the program you downloaded.