Affiliate Marketing is online Advertising. Affiliate Networks provide you with offers to run, via email marketing, search marketing, or having a few banners on your website. It is a great feeling to earn money for doing very little work.

Revenue Stream

Paid Search Marketing is simply just setting up a website to field the "offer" you wish to run - Say I want to give Cash4Gold a try at $13.00 per lead. A lead for this is simply getting the user to request an information packet in the mail. Completion of this pays me 13 bucks. Say I only have to spend $5.00 in AdWords to get 40-60 visitors to actually see this page. This is known as the conversion. Taking a certain number of visitors, comparing to clicks on the ad, and the leads that came out of those clicks. AdWords makes it easy to set up Conversion Tracking, so you can see how much your spending. $5 to make $13. Total profit of $8. Conversion Rate = %.

It is easy to apply to an affiliate network, but where do you find them?

NeverblueAds - A fantastic company located out of Victoria BC, that has excellent support and great offers to run. The payouts are very competitive in the market. Click to Apply to NeverblueAds.

Hydra Network - Another company that claims to have the highest payouts in the market, but their site is a little tricky to navigate at first. Click here to Apply to Hydra.

AzoogleAds - A hybrid site of Neverblue and Hydra, Azoogle has decent payouts, and a ton of offers to run. Click here to Apply to Azoogle.

Good luck on Starting your first campaigns!

A few examples to get rolling:

Smiley Faces Affiliate Site
2009 Entertainment Book Affiliate Site
Cash For Gold Affiliate Site