What is African Black Soap?

If you have sensitive or problem skin and have spent time researching products that will agree with your skin, then you may have heard of a product called African Black Soap. It's a soap made of all natural ingredients and is  traditionally made in Ghana.  Despite the name, the soap itself is a deep brown in color.  Now, if you judged the soap on appearance alone, you might be a little put off at first. A bar of African black soap  resembles a chunk of crumbly, dried mud--it doesn't immediately conjure up images of cleanliness!  When we think of soap, we often tend to think of a product that is white or clear (subconscious indicators of purity and cleanliness).  However, as unassuming as this type of soap looks, there are people who rave about its benefits.

The main reason it looks this way is because some of the ingredients are made from plant ashes.  It has the ashes of palm tree leaves, plantains, and cocoa pods. Other ingredients can include shea butter, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, palm oil, honey or aloe vera.  True African black soap is generally made by hand in small batches, and only contains natural ingredients.  There are some products on the market listed as African Black Soap, but they are not the genuine product. One of the fastest ways to tell the genuine from fake products is to look at the ingredients list. If the contains has chemicals or artificial ingredients, then it is not the real thing. 

The soap has been recommended for all sorts of skin problems. It is great for balancing out oily or dry skin, smoothing out rashes or acne, and helping to heal scars or wounds. People with sensitive skin sometimes prefer to use this soap because it also contains skin soothing properties.  The cocoa butter and oils in the soap help to lock in moisture and leave the skin feeling nourished and soft.  Another benefit of the soap is it is mild enough to use on the entire body, including the face.  It gently removes makeup from the face without being too strong. (Some people have two separate bars for face and body or split their bars into pieces.) The soap has a light, earthy smell, although some manufacturers do add fragrance to make the smell a little more commercially pleasing.

Some people have reported that the soap has slight drying effects if used too often. It is recommended that you begin using the soap once every other day at first to see how your skin responds before increasing it to everyday. Most people seem to start seeing results after a few weeks of use. The soap is easy to find online through most major retailers that have a beauty section: Amazon, Ebay, even Etsy have listings for Black Soap. If you want an easy way path towards better, healthier skin, it's worth giving African Black Soap a try.